By: Tanmay Mukherjee
A Bengali blogger, Tanmay believes in trifles and loves to share an opinion on all that is critically unimportant. He equates Sensuality with Kolkata Biryani, and aspires to work in an office that has a 'Siesta Sanctuary'. A harmless egg-roll worshipper. World Bathroom Singer Rank: 532
Metro Channel
By: Shilpi Mukherjee
A fun-loving girl pursuing a masters degree in Economics from the University of Calcutta, Shilpi desires to travel to as many places as possible, and help as many people as possible. She believes in seeing the good in everyone and everything, and dislikes being judgmental. When asked, she likes to describe herself as a small girl trying to make her dreams come true in a big world.
P for Pheesh
By: Suhel Banerjee
Suhel lives in the Northwestern corner of the world, where he works with an online retail company. When he's not selling stuff he can be found asking quiz questions to anybody and everybody who cares to listen. Like everybody else, he also considers himself an amateur photographer. He used to blog frequently at and of late has been trying to limit himself to 140 characters at a time, tweeting as @suhel.
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