The Golden-Winged Kite

On missing Saraswati Puja

I’m staring out the window at the grey sky and the leafless trees. I take a sip of tea to soothe my raspy throat. I have been congested


Shipwrecked on the Hooghly!

The sky and the water were two different shades of mud. The distant bank where the Rupnarayan River met the Hooghly distributary


A visit to the ruins of a Jain temple

One morning while having tea and cream crackers, I was browsing through a local literary magazine on arts and culture, when I came across a


An ancient Buddhist monastery in my backyard

Driving on a straight stretch of National Highway-60 from Medinipur to Balasore, you would be forgiven for missing the small sign


An important task

I have been flying in to Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport in Kolkata since 1980, but even after so many years


Kali Puja at Mamabari

After you’ve witnessed many seasons along with the return and passing of holidays, they all seem to blur in the mind. A childhood filled with


On the personal need to translate Tagore

Robert Frost once famously quipped that what was left behind was poetry, what translated, was in fact prose. Judging by this austere parameter


The iconography of Durga Puja

In Ovid’s famous Latin poem Metamorphoses, Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue of a woman he had created


Durga Puja Vignettes

It is late evening on Nabami. Assembled in front of the pyramid-shaped pandal of the Tarun Sangha Sarbojonin Durgotsav is a huge crowd of men


An internal matter: Brilliance in design

I have just returned from a very long business meeting. Having extricated my feet from a pair of painfully fashionable shoes


A pin on a map

I woke up and realized that there were still a few hours until dawn. But instead of trying to get back to sleep

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