Dibyojyoti Pal

Devil’s Advocate

If you have been following the news lately, there is a big bad wolf out on the streets in Kolkata. It is cracking open skulls, strangling women, snatching babies to make chicken stew and is a steady nightmare now in every Bangali's bhaat-ghoom. Yes you guessed it right. The Auto-Rickshaw! But why? While every newspaper and TV channel is falling over each other to dig up one horror news story after another, no one seems to ask this simple question. Why have the trusted nanoparticles of public transport in Kolkata suddenly transformed into werewolves for whom the full moon never seems to set?



If you are in Kolkata and haven't flagged down a yellow ambassador yelling "Taxi!", why did you even come to Kolkata boss? The iconic Kolkata taxis have found a place in almost all Buzzfeed style lists including "Best taxis in the world", "20 rides you will never forget" and "5 Places where mathematics don't work". This is not Bangalore. You don't dial 7777-Mogu Cabs and speak to a pretty young lady with a Silk Smitha voice for an hour, before your kakima slaps you and screams that she has already missed her flight. THIS. IS. KOLKATA! Taxis mean business.


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