Shilpi Mukherjee

Winter in Kolkata

Owing to a series of familial obligations, I’ve been irregular with my posts on here - and then when I eventually sat down to write this post, I realised that winter had finally crept up on us all.


Small Bus. Big City.

We often find ourselves grumbling about the crowds in Kolkata buses – and God knows how much of a daily ritual this is for me!


Missing a best friend

The city which one grows up in is the one place that knows it all.



Ever since the inception of my musings here on Metro Channel, I have written on numerous topics unconsciously forgetting the one I am most relate to by virtue of being  student.


The Pujo Continues

It has not even been 24 hours that the most celebrated Pujo of the Bengalis has ended and we are trying to return to our normal routine.


Pujo Parbon – A season of plenty

Now that Durga Pujo is only a week away, writing about anything else would be pure blasphemy according to me. Although the excitement, the frenzy, the happiness, the fun and frolic that surround the four days of Pujo are incomparable, but the build-up to Pujo is equally enticing.


Give love a chance.

Last night as I was at home watching a film where this group of young children saved a particular dog from being driven out of their colony, I found myself thinking about the strange relationship that my city shares with street dogs.


My City. My Family.

I have always been perturbed by the question as to where to draw the distinction between family and a stranger. However with cities going cosmopolitan and families growing nuclear, everybody has moved a notch higher on the ‘stranger’scale.


Rain, Mud and Splash.

Being brought up in Kolkata for the most part of my life football has been a common word for me.


A small moment with a big heart

Picking up from where I left off on the chaa (tea) post, there is one particular episode that I would like to share with all of you, because I think it deserves to be known.


Chai... Chai Garam

Kolkata - the city of joy, the city of palaces, city of Indian Nobel laureates and so much more.


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