Fun on a typical Kolkata rainy day

Fun on a typical Kolkata rainy day

August 6, 2015

Who doesn’t love spending a lazy day doing whatever one feels like while watching the city getting drenched from the window?


This time the city received the second highest rainfall in the last one decade. Some folks braved getting completely drenched in order to get to work. But there were also those who decided against stepping out of their houses and decided to treat themselves to a well-deserved and completely carefree monsoon holiday.

Here is a list of ways for you to enjoy a rainy day:

Lazy day


Nothing can be more relaxing than staying in bed for long hours on a rainy day. Listen to some mellow music, read an interesting book, watch a movie whilst sipping a well-made cup of some exotic tea or simply savour the bliss of deep slumber. Enjoy the downpour as you lie in bed. You’re not going to get any work done so there’s no point in worrying about it. Take a breather, listen to the pitter-patter, soak up the musty smell of the earth and relish the foggy view from the window as you lie dry and snug in bed.

Monsoon cooking


There’s lot you can do at home. Why not get creative in the kitchen and rustle up a quick meal? Make the most of the hilsa season and have crisp fried ilish maach bhaja along with steaming khichuri. If you’re not counting calories, add a dollop of ghee to get that rich flavour and mesmerising aroma. Alu bhaja or begun bhaja are optional but mouth-watering accompaniments to have.



Anyone associated with Bengal is familiar with the concept of adda. Given the demanding jobs of today, one seldom gets the time to indulge in hours of playful banter, intellectual debate and heartfelt discussion. Treat the rainy holiday as Mother Nature’s subtle way of forcing you to take a break and refresh your mind. Rediscover the youthful zest for life you once shared with your peers. Call your friends over and sail paper boats in the waterlogged streets outside. Discuss politics, sports, films and everything that you want to for hours. Bengalis swear by food. So make sure you have some jhalmuri or telebhaja to go around.

Rain game


If you enjoy a good game of football, hit the ground with your friends to kick the ball around for a bit. Don’t let the watery pitch or the overgrown greens dissuade you. Get soaked and dirty your clothes in romping and sliding around in the slush and mud, as you don’t get such a chance every day. Relive the memories and soak up the nostalgia. After your game, be sure to have a nice hot bath; and put your feet up so that you don’t feel too tired the next day.

Getting wet


Leave your mobile and all your other gadgets at home. Go out and get wet in the rain. Feel the cool raindrops drench your hair and trickle down your face. Forget about those e-mails and phone calls for a little while. Experience technology-free living for a few hours. Contemplate your thoughts without those buzzing and sharp-sounding interruptions. Spend a romantic day with your loved ones on the banks of the Ganga. Wade around in puddles for a bit. There are ample options in Kolkata: Prinsep Ghat, Millennium Park, Rabindra Sarobar and Eco Park are all quite pretty during the rains.



Pose, pout and click. If you are selfie-obsessed, that’s exactly what you can do, as you tiptoe through the rain-drenched streets of Kolkata; perhaps a click in front of one of the city’s beautiful old buildings, with heavily-set clouds in the sky above. Everything looks so much cleaner and fresher once the rain washes off the gathering dust. Even a selfie with anything green in the background looks lush and rich. Upload as many of them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with #calcuttarains and enjoy all the attention you’ll get till you’re flooded with likes and comments.



Go for a walk in the evening. The streets might look deserted but you will always find a crowd at the local tea stall. Stop by and have a couple of samosas. Relish this crisp, steaming, potato-stuffed snack with its unique blend of Bengali spices. If you have a sweet tooth, goja or malpua also make for a warm snack in the rain but be sure to wash them all down with a hot cup of chai served in earthen pots. You will probably want to have another cup, as there’s more than a good chance that you’ll spot an old acquaintance who might just be out to make the most of his own rainy day.

Long drive


Hit the road on a rainy day. Just be sure that your tyres are in good condition and choose a more or less well-maintained stretch of road to drive along. Put on some music, something soft and soulful or even something loud and peppy to sing along to as the miles roll on. Enjoy the smells, sights, sounds and the breathtaking countryside scenery as you cruise along the highway. Stop for a meal or a cup of tea at a roadside dhaba but eat light to prevent possible tummy discomfort along the way. One could go solo or with friends. If enough people are enthusiastic about the idea (the more the merrier) set off with a convoy of friends and family. The city has a number of weekend gateways, which are perfect for a lazy monsoon holiday.

Written by Daniel Johns for Team

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