Food carnival ‘Ahare Bangla’

Food carnival ‘Ahare Bangla’

October 30, 2015

A food fest like no other! That’s what ‘Ahare Bangla’ is being touted to be. A festival of food loaded with the best and the exotic – dishes made with different fish, chicken, pork, lamb, quail, emu, and some more.

The food carnival is going to be held at the Milon Mela fairground from the evening of Friday, October 30 to Monday, November 2. The timings from Saturday to Monday are 12 pm to 9 pm.

Around 160 types of dishes would be available at the fest, including some forgotten ones, fusion food and new-age food. Besides eating, one can look forward to a lot more. There would be shows hosted by celebrity chefs, seminars on food, and song and dance shows.

Turkey meat (

Grand fare on offer

Ahare Bnagla is being hosted by the animal resources department, along with the departments of food processing, information and culture, fisheries, agriculture marketing, and micro, small and medium enterprises, of West Bengal. The state government is also going to have participation in the form of food stalls by West Bengal Live Stock Development Corporation Ltd (selling processed meat), State Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd and the department of horticulture. Brands owned by the state government like Benfish (the prepared fish brand of West Bengal State Fishermen's Cooperative Federation Ltd), Mother Dairy and Sufal Bangla (selling vegetables) are also going to set up stalls.

Stalls will be set up to sell traditional products like black aromatic rice, known as kala bhat, short-grained aromatic rice, called kalo nunia, and gobindabhog, tulaipanji and kataribhog rice grains, along with pulses such as sona mug and bhaja kalai dal.

Many of the top food joints in the city are also going to participate. Stalls selling many of Bengal’s famous sweets are also going to be there. A book on ‘lost’ Bengali recipes will be unveiled, giving instructions on chingri maachher chachchari, galdar kebab, mangser bhaja puli, dimer barfi and several vegetarian items, among 107 recipes.

Chingri maachher chachchari (

Big aims

Prices have been kept low to attract as many people as possible; otherwise many of these foods and meats are available, but at high prices in the best restaurants. The other aim is to make people taste as many types of food as possible.

According to Rajiva Sinha, secretary of the Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises & Textiles, West Bengal, the primary objective behind organising this mega fest is to promote healthy meat, such as those of quail, emu, turkey and black Bengal goat, which is the best quality mutton, and pork products that are usually not found in restaurants. This would help entrepreneurs who have emu and turkey farms, and encourage others to set up such farms. The festival will have a business-to-business platform to facilitate tie-ups between suppliers and bulk purchasers.

Another aim is to enable people to develop a taste for the traditional food products of Bengal, so that people can earn a living from those. This will also enable the development of healthy eating habits.

With long-term plans, ‘Ahare Bangla’ would soon become the holy grail for food lovers.

Some of the prices are as follows:
  • Fish kebab – Rs 15 per piece
  • Fish finger – Rs 10 per piece
  • Fish fry – Rs 25 per piece
  • Gobindobhog rice & fish fry – Rs 85 per plate
  • Pabda fish in spicy gravy – Rs 140 per plate
  • Tangra fish in spicy gravy – Rs 215 per plate
  • Chicken nuggets – 2 for Rs 10 
  • Chicken popcorn – 4 for Rs 10 
  • Chicken sausage – Rs 10
  • Smoked chicken drumstick – Rs 30 per piece
  • Chicken curry – Rs 175 per plate
  • Mixed pork platter – Rs 85 per plate
  • Cajun spiced pork ribs – Rs 150 per plate
  • Vannamei prawn tandoori – Rs 25 per plate
  • Plain rice & quail – Rs 130 per plate
  • Tandoori rabbit – Rs 215 per plate

For details on the festival, visit the website: Ahare Bangla - A Unique Food Festival

Written by Anushtup Haldar for Team

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Comments (1)
Sanmit Reply
October 30, 2015
Thanks for the menu .. Looking forward for the Sunday lunch with tandori rabbit
Team MaaMatiManush
October 31, 2015
Hope you have a wonderful time at Ahare Bangla, Sanmit. And do write in about your culinary experiences.
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