A small moment with a big heart

Picking up from where I left off on the chaa (tea) post, there is one particular episode that I would like to share with all of you, because I think it deserves to be known.

I had gone to give my IBPS exam in an engineering college which was located in the outskirts of Kolkata. The exam was scheduled in the month of December, and we literally felt chills down our spine. In fact, I still remember that my fingers went so numb that it must have taken me a good two minutes to sign my name

There were no shops in the area except for a small tea stall, and there were hardly any items at the stall, apart from a few jars of biscuits. The exam was postponed by a couple of hours, and we had nothing to do, but gulp down tea to keep ourselves warm in that weather.

I couldn't help but notice that the shopkeeper was extremely mal-nourished and his children were in no better condition. They sat in a circle on the ground - eating some coarse rice with a very small quantity of daal, and then, as I sat there on one of the benches, I saw something that would remain etched in my memory forever.

The frail man warmed some milk in a saucepan, poured it into a feeding bottle, and - no, he didn't feed it to his children!

Instead, he picked up a puppy from the street, and started feeding him the milk. I still recall that moment every now and then, but cannot decide if it was something great, or something that is expected, normal, conventional! The one thing I know for sure is that it takes a lot to surpass the needs of your own children and feed a creature that does not even ask for it.

This episode - I would love to believe, is not unique for just one stall, but happens all over the world.

That such things happen in my Tilottoma Kolkata, is reason enough for me to be happy, to love this place for all its kindness, in all its glory.

As for that man at the tea stall - he shall always remain a hero.

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Comments (2)
Gayatri Chibber Reply
August 28, 2013
This was a wonderful blog. It touched the core of my heart. I live in Mumbai. known for its fast-paced life. Yet I would love to think that such kindness exists in my city. Hope I would be able to share some such incident one day.
Shilpi Mukherjee
August 31, 2013
Thanks a lot Gayatri for liking the blog. And, I think as long as people like you live in Mumbai who care, Mumbai would have its fair share of kindness too.
Vishal Barnwal Reply
August 28, 2013
The blog touched my heart. To be able to transcend one's dire needs to care for another truly takes a lot of fortitude and empathy. And it's great to know that this exists in my Kolkata.
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