Give love a chance.

Last night as I was at home watching a film where this group of young children saved a particular dog from being driven out of their colony, I found myself thinking about the strange relationship that my city shares with street dogs.

From the posh areas to the dingy slums, street dogs are found in every nook and corner of the city. And not just their presence, but the relationship they share with us is quite unique too, sometimes a spectacle to watch.

Not everybody is fond of street dogs, but then again for every ill-tempered passer-by that scowls at them, there is a mild-natured soul who will buy packets of biscuits to feed the dogs during their morning or evening stroll.

The children play with them while returning from school and college. In fact I know a particular family in my locality who make special food with less salt and feed the dogs.

Often times, when I walk alone down the street - sometimes happy, sometimes sad, I sense a strange kind of connection with them. I feel that they are listening to me, and anywhere you go, no matter which time, which place, they are like the omnipresent companion.

My brother once brought a street dog home. We used to live in a rented place then, and hence couldn’t keep it inside the house. We fed it at times, but the kind of love it showered upon me is something I will never forget. It walked along with me on my way to school, and accompanied me back home - playing with me the entire way. And then suddenly when I heard that it was brought down by a speeding car, I felt a loss, and all this while I had not even reciprocated my love - feeling scared of my little companion, perhaps.

I can never forget him and can never forgive myself, because he deserved more - they all do.

So you see, love and companionship can come from unexpected quarters for each of us.

If only we give it a chance!

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