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Pujabarshiki and Puja’r Gaan

October 11, 2013

Pujabarshiki - the numerous literary magazines that are published during Durga Puja in West Bengal and are a must buy for every home. Same goes for Puja’r Gaan or music. This tradition in Bengal speaks about the cultural streak embedded deep in us. Usually, the world over festivals are all about fun, food, new clothes and accessories but seldom can it be found that literature and music is so intrinsically intertwined in the many festivities.

Nostalgia for readers

Reams are written about Durga Puja shopping every year. Team M3.tv covered it too. What is a common must-have item in most lists during this season? Pujabarshiki and music albums for sure.

Pujabarshiki or literary magazines published during Durga Puja are a treasure house of work by great writers, authors and poets. They serve as a great platform for the readers to get to read the works of great literary giants, all for a small cost and all encompassed within the confines of a single edition of the special magazine.

Literally months ago these magazines are pre-booked and are lifted off the shelves even before they can settle comfortably. All major publishing houses print the Pujabarshiki. These seasonal magazines become excellent give-along items with the traditional gifts that are exchanged during this season.

Music to the ears

Singers look forward to this season as well. It is now a well entrenched tradition for artists to release music albums just before the season of Durga Puja. People eagerly wait for the music from their favourite artists. It is also a good time for young artists to showcase their talent.

Months before Durga Puja people make brief stop-overs at music stores to enquire if the music albums have been released. These albums too are sold off like hot cross buns from the racks. The music industry generates its highest revenues during this period; this is music for the artists and music companies that are facing rough weather on the business front. The buyers are happy clutching the new album and heading home towards their music player.

Marketing bonanza

From an economic point of view the Durga Puja season is profitable for all merchandise - be it clothes, accessories, print or music.

For the quintessential Bengali, Pujabarshiki and Puja’r gaan carry on the strains of Durga Puja long after the din of the dhaak has faded. Most of these magazines are read on a lazy afternoon with the first hint of a winter sun peeping in after the hectic Puja days, with the new album playing softly in the background.

Picture perfect!

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