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E-cards add fun to Puja festivities

October 15, 2013

Gone are the days when children would flock to shops to buy greetings cards for their friends before schools closed for Durga Puja holidays. In this environment-conscious age, sending e-cards is more in vogue than buying paper cards.

The Internet is all the rage today and tech-savvy Kolkatans are using it to the fullest.

There are scores of websites that have various types of electronic greetings, videos, audio and animated messages on offer for the festive season.

“E-cards have vibrant colours, music of shankh and dhaak, magnificent idols and great animations. They also come in both English and Bengali. E-cards are also environment friendly,” said Arvind Kajaria, managing director of 123greetings.com.

These websites allow users to send e-cards all over the world - and that too, free of cost. It is one of the fastest and the most convenient way where one can ensure that the message is conveyed on time. Whether interactive, animated or simple post-card-type messages, e-cards are a hit with everyone.

“It is one of the most cost-effective and easiest mediums of sending warm wishes to relatives staying far away during the Durga Puja. The attractive visual, sound and animations are its USPs. The user can also add a customised message along with it. It also saves a lot of time,” said Kaushal Bhalotia, head of business development, 123greetings.com.

Design is a key element behind the choice of e-cards. What makes some of these cards stand out is the use of indigenous art forms and availability in local languages.

“I've lived and worked in Hong Kong for the last twelve years, and sending Pujo e-greetings to friends and family on time - back home in Kolkata and in Singapore, helps me make sure each one feels special. Knowing that this one e-card brings on so many smiles, is truly wonderful,” shares Tanima Paul, an investment professional originally from Kolkata’s Jadavpur area.

So, if you have not got down to sending out those Bijoya greetings as yet, it is not too late for e-cards to help you out. And do not be surprised, when you find yourself a trifle spoilt for choice!

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Comments (2)
Oindrila Reply
October 14, 2013
I love the ones with background music and animations!
Sulagno Reply
October 14, 2013
I send e-cards to my friends and relatives staying abroad. It is really cost effective.
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