The Pujo Continues

It has not even been 24 hours that the most celebrated Pujo of the Bengalis has ended and we are trying to return to our normal routine.

Even though the rains played a huge spoilsport this time, it couldn’t dampen the spirit of the pandel-hopping, adda loving Bangali, who - beating all odds still came out in the streets in large numbers.

Their limping walks with band-aids all over the feet, the rides at Md. Ali-Park, the adda at Maddox Square, the innumerable rounds of cold drinks, the long queue outside the restaurants, the 24 hour photo shooting mode, all this and much more make up the enigma we call Durga Pujo in this part of the world.

And all this finally ended yesterday with the Bhashan.

After the mad dance I indulged in yesterday, when I finally saw the idol being immersed in the Ganges, the feeling that the fun,the frolic, Pujo is finally over sunk in. With a very heavy heart I returned home and logged into my Facebook account.

Just then a friend pinged to inform that next year Pujo is on the 30th of September - and just like that, there was a thousand volt smile on my face.

That is what Pujo is to us. It is not just a few days of fun, it is - for us, a way of spending our year.
It is a looking-forward-to that can make us smile in the saddest of times
It is a reason to hope for a healthy and fulfilling year, so that one gets to see yet another Pujo.

On that note, be happy... because “aschey bochor abar hobe”.

Shubho Bijoya :)

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