Let The Music Play: A tribute to Manna Dey

Let The Music Play: A tribute to Manna Dey

October 25, 2013

Summarising Manna Dey’s musical journey of 94 years in a few words is as difficult as wrapping the sky in a two-feet-by-two-feet box.

Where do we begin, to tell the tale of this legendary musical journey and of how melodious it can be...

Born on May 1, 1919 into an illustrious musical family, his talent found stage and by the age of 10; so his journey began. Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Banga Vibhushan and Bishesh Maha Sangeet Samman - to name just a few of the accolades that came his way. He received the National award twice and also the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award.

It is strange how nostalgia and Manna Dey’s voice walk hand in hand for most of us. Strange, because he was one of the most modern singers of all times, constantly reinventing himself, wearing different masks. In the world of Hindi cinema, Manna Dey was the enigmatic chameleon who never really could be pinned down to one specific genre.
Manna Dey was gifted with a voice that could speak music - a voice that will continue to echo long after he has left us all. Manna Dey has over 3,500 songs to his credit. He has recorded songs in 14 different languages.

As a tribute to the legend, Team M3.tv presents a crowd-sourced list of immortal “hit” songs by Manna Dey.

His immortal gems in Hindi

Aye mere pyare watan – remains the most popular patriotic song ever since it was recorded 50+yrs ago.

Laga chunri mein daag chhupaun kaise – unmatched classical “peppiness” sung to perfection.

Kaun aaya mere manke dware – that lingering sticky melodious voice that remains long after the music is heard no more.

Tu pyaar ka sagar hai – immortal devotional treat, the creator did love him to gift him with a sonorous voice.

Aye meri zohra jabeen – the passion and the wooing delivered so beautifully through his rich tone.

Zindagi kaisi hai paheli – as deep as life itself as vast as the sky – probably this describes Manna Dey’s voice in this song

The revolutionary Bengali tracks

Ami jamini tumi soshi hey – melody dipped in honey

Ami je jalsaghare - He created vivid imagery with his voice

Hoyto tomari jonno - With this song he immortalized romanticism.

Jibone ki pabo na – youthful, evergreen and full of rhythm.

Sundari go dohai dohai – Romantic, lively, touches the heart.

O amar mon jamunar – “Dorodi” – soulful voice - a Manna Dey classic

Don’t stop the music

It is difficult to say goodbye; even more difficult to let go. But if we have to, we choose to do it with a song of Manna Dey that has been riding the popularity charts ever since it was first released.

Kothaye hariye gelo Manna Da kintuhridoye lekha naam, shey naam roye jabe

Team M3.tv is grateful to Subodh Khanna for sharing his favourite songs and thoughts on Manna Dey with us.

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Comments (5)
Sounak Reply
October 25, 2013
Great list. India lost a gem.
subodh khanna Reply
October 24, 2013
xcellent tribute to a great singer - 1 with unique voice - whom no body culd copy - and to top it was a great fan of boxing and wrestling too - born in a millenium artist
Manas Reply
October 24, 2013
Thanks for the list of his best songs. Of course, I've listened to all these, and they will always form a part of my life.
Partha Reply
October 24, 2013
He was one of my favourite singers. I've got Manna Dey on loop in my mp3 player and listening continuously to his songs.
Suman Day Reply
October 24, 2013
I'm feeling very sad. Manna Dey was mine as well as my mother's favourite singer. But, each one of us have to move one, and he's had a life full of music.
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