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Dhupguri kid creates Kali idol from trash

November 1, 2013

Creativity knows no bounds. Creating beautiful objects of art from various types of discarded items like plastic containers, broken glass, waste paper, etc. is one of the most potent forms of creative expressions worldwide. From trash to treasure can be quite an interesting journey.

In West Bengal, many pandals of various pujas like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Jagaddhatri Puja, and others, and sometimes the idols themselves, have in recent years been stunningly created from discarded items. And they have won the plaudits of the people and prizes by the handful. Most of these have been the creations of artists accomplished in idol-making and pandal-designing.

Little genius

Now, however, a small boy from Netajipara in Dhupguri, near Jalpaiguri, has done a remarkable job of creating a beautiful idol of the goddess Kali from discarded plastic containers, like medicine and cosmetics containers, and caps of plastic bottles.

Though a small idol, the creativity of 13 year old Biki Ghosh is indeed something to marvel at. And he has done it without any sort of training. Earlier he had created an idol of the god Ganesh from plastic containers.

For the class eight student, inspiration came to him out of the blue a couple of years back. And there has been no stopping him from then on. He has created various objects from discarded plastic. In fact, he never lets any plastic containers in his house be thrown away, and instead crafts them into works of art.

He starts making these idols of Kali, which he has been doing for the last few years, immediately after Durga Puja. Slowly his little hands mould the beautiful idols into shape, out of things people would normally not think of twice before throwing into the trash can.

Encouragement galore

According to Biki, his family is a major source of encouragement for his creativity. They have recognised the creative genius that lies within him. His neighbours and other well-wishers are also effusive in their praise of him. This year, the Kali Puja Pandal in his locality has pitched in to promote his creativity as well.

If you happen to visit the pandal of Netajipara Cultural Club this Kali Puja, you would be able to admire the resourcefulness and talent of this gifted teenager.

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Comments (4)
Animesh Reply
November 01, 2013
It's great to know that his parents are encouraging this talent instead of pressuring him to just study, as a lot of parents do.
Monica Reply
November 01, 2013
Such talent is indeed wonderful to read about.
Sandipan Reply
October 31, 2013
There are many talents hidden in our society. They need to be inspired. Bravo.
Kaushik Reply
October 31, 2013
There are many artists who can create artistic objects from discarded materials. The way they transform them is amazing. Hope this boy continues with his art.
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