‘Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay’ reaches 50,000 views

‘Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay’ reaches 50,000 views

November 4, 2013

An overwhelming response from viewers has helped the new heart-warming video ‘Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay’ reach 50,000 views on YouTube in a matter of months. The video spreads the aroma of Bengal’s culture and traditions, captivating our senses, giving us goosebumps while triggering reactions filled with an emotional upsurge. The video was digitally released on www.maamatimanush.tv on August 11, soon after its formal launch by the governor of West Bengal, MK Narayanan at Club Verde Vista.

Heart-touching video

The video, conceived and composed by composer duo Soumyojit Das and Sourendro Mullick, captures more than a hundred luminaries of Bengal from diverse fields, in a seven-minute capsule of joyous celebration. The lyrics by Srijato (who also appears in the video) – beginning in English, and continuing in Bengali throughout the melodious song - are interspersed with poetry by stalwarts like Dwijendralal Ray (Dhono dhanye pushpe bhora), Jibanananda Das (Abar ashibo firey), Sunil Gangopadhyay (Uttoradhikar) and Shakti Chattopadhyay (Abani bari achho); needless to say these verses encapsulate the essential spirit of Bengal.

Shot wonderfully, using monumental heritage structures of Bengal as its backdrop, the video takes us on a blissful musical journey, connecting our souls to the roots of Bengal, wherever we may be. The emotional outpouring of comments on social media is an attestation of the emotional bridge between the video and its viewers.

Sea of comments

From the well-known to the ordinary, there has been no dearth of commentators celebrating the video.

Suprio Guha Thakurta tweeted, “Loved this. Makes me feel proud of Bengal.”

Joy Bhattacharya’s tweet read “Bengal -100 voices that call you back”.

Another enthusiastic tweet read “Laudable effort, do give it a watch”.

The numerous comments, which have flooded the video on YouTube, capture the deep impact this video has left in the minds of people:

“Amazing Amar Bangla

“Must watch for anybody whose life has been touched by Bengal and for those who want to explore its pristine beauty and rich culture”

“Most overwhelming experience, fantastic reminder to our rich cultural background”

“Awesome, Awesome, Awesome”

“The city of joy. One Indian city I absolutely love to visit. Watch this video, you'll know what I mean”

“An excellent reminder to not only the world but to our successive generations of the greatness of our culture”

“It doesn't anymore feel ‘me’ ‘me’ ‘me’... it now feels ‘amra’ ‘amra’ ‘amra’ :)”

And the tributes go on and on...

Bengal’s Mile Sur moment

In the 80s, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara had created an impact that united the entire nation in the spirit of togetherness. Dekha Hobe Ei Banglaye had a similar effect for Bengalis across the globe. Thus tweeted Pritish Nandy:

 “Bengal's ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ moment - Erasing the ‘Aamra ora’, celebs come together for ‘Dekha Hobe Ei Banglay’ “

Another fan posted this comment on our YouTube page: “Reminds me of the old charms of ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’ in our childhood!”

Somebody else wrote “Must Watch, ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’ - Bangla Style” on YouTube.

This is just a testimony of the emotional connect the video has created with the viewers.

Miles to go…

People from Bengal, and people interested in Bengal, from all around have become “united in happy refrain”.

If you wish to experience Bengal, this beautiful mélange of melody, words and pictures is a must-watch.

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Comments (7)
Swastik Mandal Reply
November 04, 2013
excellent album
Sagarika Reply
November 04, 2013
A true depiction of the great Bengali culture.
Aritra Reply
November 04, 2013
I was overwhelmed by this video! Great one.
Abhiroop Reply
November 04, 2013
This is very encouraging, that so many are experiencing this wonderful video and in the process feeling a sense of connect with Bengal.
Diya Reply
November 04, 2013
Loved the concept. Gives a great feeling.
Saikat Reply
November 03, 2013
A great video. Shared with all my friends living abroad.
amrita Reply
November 03, 2013
Seen these videos many many times. It makes me emotional every time i see it.
November 04, 2013
Yes, it is emotional indeed, more so for me since I've been living abroad for the last seven years.
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