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‘Fishy’ times ahead for Kolkata online

November 5, 2013

The penetration of the internet is increasing manifold with time, specially so among the urban Indian populace; people are utilizing the benefits of using the online platforms as much they can. Life in metros is so fast-paced, people often opt for online shopping. From apparels to electronic gadgets and even packaged food can be bought online.

Kolkata's ‘online fish’ market

After other metros like Delhi and Bangalore, it is time for Kolkata to make its presence felt in online shopping scene. A typical Bengali’s lunch platter looks empty without fish. However, due to the change in lifestyle among the new-age Bongs are gradually giving up their fish cravings. With both men and women working these days, additionally burdened with other family responsibilities, people hardly find time to step into the fish market. A new website has come up with a solution to their woes. With the click of a button fish lovers can now buy fish online.

The site named mylocalbazaar.com  was set up in 2009 and sells all grocery items, fruits, vegetables, which are delivered to homes. Fish and other poultry items are a recent addition and that has boosted the traffic to the website. According to the head of the organization, customers are ever increasing, demand is on the upswing, even in the outskirts of the city. He also said that Bengali people staying abroad are also taking the advantage of internet and ordering Rohu or Hilsha fish online for their aged parents staying in Kolkata.

Real challenge to the traders

But selling fish online is a difficult trade. The seller has to maintain the quality of the fish which needs to be fresh at the time of delivery. So preservation before and at the time of delivery is a real challenge. A self-owned delivery channel/system is needed to serve the purpose. These difficulties prevent many traders from entering into this online fish business.

But if the preservation procedure can be followed properly, online fish market can be a good venture for a businessman in the urban zone, if properly marketed. Many more customers can be drawn if they give certain advantages like exchange options. Mumbai based online shop ‘Fresh Fish India’ provides such option to customers. If the customers do not like the fish delivered to them, it can be replaced with a new one.

Parting thought

With online fishing, people do not have to bear the overwhelming stench at the fish markets. Some people will find it hard to change their ways and will prefer bringing the best fish available, after a thorough inspection and haggling at a local market. However, Kolkata’s small step towards online shopping needs to be appreciated and encouraged.

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Comments (4)
Mrinmoy Reply
November 04, 2013
Wow! Had no idea that fish and meat are available online. Should try out soon!
amrita Reply
November 04, 2013
This will definitely help the people who hardly find time to go to market.
Shoma Reply
November 04, 2013
This is good news in the age of burgeoning e-commerce. However, the typical Bengali would mostly still want to go to the market and examine the fish himself/herself before buying. Some habits die hard!
Pabitra Reply
November 04, 2013
This is a welcome initiative. More and more things are being sold online, so why not fish!
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