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Drop in crime rate – Jalpaiguri shows the way

November 8, 2013

Even until a few years ago, the district of Jalpaiguri hogged headlines thanks to notorious criminals on the run for murders, larceny and other anti-social activities. But thanks to the efforts of the local police the crime rate has declined this year as opposed to the past. There has been a steep fall in crimes like dacoity, theft, snatching and tyranny against women. Following strictures from the state administration, the district heads have taken stern steps forward to look into the matter.

What the figures say

The records, obtained from the Superintendant of Police for the district, show a fall in the number of murders from 2011.

•    While the reported number in 2011 was 108, it came down to a meager 85 in 2013 (till September).
•    Similarly cases of dacoity dropped from nine in 2011 to just one in 2013.
•    Incidents of larceny and snatching have reduced to 24 this year compared to 37 in 2011 and 36 in 2012.
•    Crime against women, which is on the rise in India, has also gone down in the district. While 1858 such cases were reported in 2011, this year only 1353 cases were registered.
•    Incidents of violence and riots were 26 in number in 2013, whereas the figure stood at 54 in 2011.

Reason behind the success

According to the police, the reason behind the success is the reforms measures undertaken by the district administration. Vigilance has been increased by the police. Scanning of detectives has been made a regular affair.
The criminals have been kept under constant watch by the officers of all the 17 police stations in the district.
It must be mentioned here that with effect from 2007, Jalpaiguri district police stations had adopted the policy of 100% FIR. Dodging complaints had become a norm in the district, and the project was aimed at improving the law and order situation. Undoubtedly, the exercise has borne fruit.

Parting Thought

The residents of the district also have to be cautious and aware. Any crime, whether it is eve-teasing or any other form of illegality, it must be reported to the police, so that prompt action can be taken. With the co-operation from the public the crime scenario in the district can soon undergo a sea-change.

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Comments (3)
Sounak Reply
November 08, 2013
Good work.... the other districts should follow.
Samik Mandal Reply
November 08, 2013
This is good news not only for Jalpaiguri, but the state in general.
Sauvik Reply
November 08, 2013
Kudos to Jalpaiguri police.
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