Missing a best friend

The city which one grows up in is the one place that knows it all.

Right from our first college bunks, first love, first break-up, first job, first child – the city sees it all.

For me that place, that confidant, has been Kolkata, as it has been for so many of you.

Last night I was thinking about how - as my academic life is coming to an end, I might soon leave the city. I wondered what it is that I would miss the most about the place.

I closed my eyes, and the one image that instantly flashed before me was that of the massive Ganga along the Prinsep Ghat and Outram Ghat stretch.

I am almost certain that anybody who has lived in Kolkata for a sizeable amount of time has been to this place. And why not? It is as if one could stare into the Ganga and keep staring at it for hours on end, sometimes with a cup of tea, or while munching on nuts. One could spot a group of friends – shouting, laughing, clicking photos, making memories that would live on forever. Or a young couple lost in a parallel universe of their own making – utterly oblivious of their surroundings, or two kids running from this end to that  – red balloons and ice-creams in hand.

For me, however, this place has been one of my best friends.

I have often come here both to celebrate in joy and to weep in sorrow. And the best part – the reason why this place is so close to my heart, is that it has always listened, never judged, always supporting, never complaining. Every time I have come here, I have returned home a happier person –, joys multiplied, sorrows divided.

So, I if I ever move out of Kolkata, this best friend – this sanctuary, is what I will miss the most.


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Comments (4)
Pramit Reply
November 26, 2013
Very well put thoughts.
Anamika Reply
November 26, 2013
Wonderful - memories are for ever.
Shilpi Mukherjee Reply
November 18, 2013
Thanks a lot :)
Tanmay Mukherjee Reply
November 16, 2013
Beautifully put.
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