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Joynagarer Moya

  • Joynagarer moya, which ranks very high on the sweet charts of West Bengal, makes a seasonal appearance in December and vanishes by the end of winter in West Bengal.

  • The main ingredients used in making Joynagarer moyanolen gur or jaggery from date palm and kanakchur khoi (puffed rice made from a special aromatic rice variety) are available only during winter months. Other ingredients of the moya include gawa ghee (a type of clarified butter made from cow’s milk), cardamom and posto (poppy seeds).

  • In 1929, when pioneers like Purna Chandra Ghosh and Nitya Gopal Sarkar established moya manufacturing units and shops for selling the sweet delicacy at Bahuru near Joynagar, it was named after its market place (Joynagar), and not by its birth place (Bahuru). Subsequently, most of the units migrated to Joynagar, procuring the ingredients from Bahuru.

  • While the culling of date palm trees for urbanization is a reason for dwindling Joynagarer moya trade, fake Joynagarer moya poses a serious threat to the original variety with such malpractices as the use of cheaper ingredients, and attractive packaging - the original moya being ‘unimpressively’ packaged in comparison.

  • This January the makers of this popular delicacy are hoping to receive a GI label for Joynagarer moya – a welcome change that would weed out fakes from the moya market and give a much needed impetus to the trade.

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Comments (4)
Tarak Bank Reply
January 05, 2014
Can we purchase Joynagarer Moya online?
Team MMM
January 06, 2014
Hi Tarak, Sorry to inform you, we are not aware of any online portal that sells Joynagarer moya.
Prakash Ch Kar Reply
December 04, 2013
Pl tell me the name of the sweet shops where original moua available.
Team MMM
December 05, 2013
Joynagar Moya Nirmankari Society may be contacted in Joynagar. They have only a dozen moya producers left who prepare the original sweet. Shri Krishna Mistanna Bhandar in Joynagar is the oldest shop there. Very soon Jaynager moya will be receiving a GI (Geographical Indication) patent. Once that happens, you can check the logo of the product to confirm if it is the original! More info available at >> Joynagarer Moya
Anasua Reply
November 28, 2013
Waiting eagerly for my first moya of the season :)
Saikat Reply
November 27, 2013
The market is flooded with spurious moya which claims to be authentic. The customers have to be cautious while buying the sweet.
November 28, 2013
Yes true, spurious is the norm nowadays. So the earlier it gets GI certification, the better. Also then the moa-makers will earn well.
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