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Professional healthcare service at your door step

November 29, 2013

Staying overseas often leads to a sense of anxiety for the family living in Kolkata. Professional life as well as the distance creates a barrier and it becomes difficult for people to look after their ailing parents back home. In this age of nuclear families it becomes extremely difficult to manage a crisis, specially medical, that too involving aged parents.

Personalised healthcare at your doorstep

Understanding this common problem faced by many people living abroad, five NRI friends came together to establish Tribeca – a helping hand to provide complete care to aged parents in distress.

•   It claims to be a one-stop platform for any medical needs at home serving elder and ailing patients with chronic health conditions and those recovering from surgeries.
•   Both physical and emotional well being of the patient will be looked upon.
•   The Tribeca patient management system includes:
    • trained care workers
    • home care devices
    • pharmacy products
    • Doctor supervision / therapy support
    • psychological care
•   Professionally trained care givers (ayah) will be provided
•   Trained team, some specialising in dementia services and physiotherapy, others efficient in keeping charts and checking health vitals of patients are being formed.
•   The ayah will be taught soft skills to make sure their behavior with the patient is cordial
•   A relationship manager will be assigned for each patient; their role is to ensure that service standards are maintained.
•   They are in the process of tying up with big hospitals like Medica and Fortis
•   Companion service will be provided to dementia patients or senior citizens who are depressed or fear loneliness. Their staff will accompany them for a movie or to a restaurant and also play indoor games to make them feel better.
•   They are going to have a medical e-store soon

Contact details

E-mail id:    enquiry@tribecacare.com

Website:      www.tribecacare.com

Phone:      033 40277777

Soon after their soft launch, Tribeca will be providing their facilities to 80 patients in the city.

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Comments (5)
tarun Reply
January 27, 2014
Good to have an option like this for us who are not based in kolkata
Swapna Reply
November 29, 2013
There are so many lonely parents. It'd be good if Tribeca spreads its wings to the whole of Bengal.
Amartya Reply
November 29, 2013
This is a laudatory effort indeed.
Mrinmoy Reply
November 29, 2013
Good news for Kolkata people specially who live abroad.
Nilanjana Reply
November 29, 2013
A very good news. Not only for the people living outside India but also for city people. There is often a need of round the clock professional care as city people are also busy in their professional life. It becomes hard to take care of everything.
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