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Developing a child’s handwriting

December 11, 2013

Handwriting analysis can help one judge a person's character, claim graphologists. They also claim that a person's character and mental set up can be changed by modifying his or her handwriting. Many schools, private firms in Kolkata and even psychologists are taking help from graphologists to judge the mental set up and persona of students, patients and even prospective employees.

A book on graphology

Almost 12-years of intensive research in this area by Kolkata based graphologists led by Mohan Bose has led to the creation of a book on handwriting - the first of its kind in India.

Surveys conducted in several schools in Kolkata by Bose and his team of experts have revealed that 70% of the students hold their pens and pencils in an improper manner.

“The book has five volumes and each deals with a specific aspect of a child’s handwriting and its influence of character building. The book starts with what is called the stepping stone to a good handwriting - a proper pen grip and then goes on to letter formations, space management between letters, sitting posture, light arrangement, guide to parents and teachers among others,” said Bose.

In India students are taught to follow two types of handwriting styles when writing in English.

  • D’-Nelian style: A method in which the pen moves in a clock- wise and anti-clockwise direction.
  • Parker style: The other method that focuses mainly on the ornamentation and curling.

The book will help parents and teachers to develop a child’s handwriting as they turn three and half years, the ideal time when they first learn to grip the pencil or pen. The training can be continued till they reach the fourth standard in a school.

 “This is the age when the human brain develops its precision grip and fine motor skills. It is this development of fine motor skills, which allows a child to use his fingers to hold a pen, tie his shoelace, and in a later stage allows a surgeon to hold his scalpel and scissors,” said Bose.

Even for good handwriting the pen or pencil should be held in a proper manner. When a child learns to write, due to lack of guidance they start holding the pen in an improper way, which often turns into a habit. So it is important to guide them properly from the very beginning. This book will surely help solve these problems.

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Comments (3)
Mainak Reply
December 11, 2013
A must buy book then... it will surely help many people!
Abhijit Roy Reply
December 11, 2013
This looks like a very good set of books. For example, techniques of holding the pen I'd never read before.
Bidyut Reply
December 11, 2013
Very informative article.
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