Kolkata Marathon 2014 - dil diyey douroben!

Kolkata Marathon 2014 - dil diyey douroben!

December 15, 2013

Kolkata is going to be the proud host to the largest marathon in the eastern part of the country. Kolkata Marathon, as it is called, is to be run on January 5th. The 2014 marathon is going to be a benefit race for underprivileged cancer patients at the Tata Medical Center located at Rajarhat on the outskirts of the city. In fact, the full name of the marathon is Tata Medical Center Kolkata Marathon 2014. Governor MK Narayanan will flag off the race.

Logo of Kolkata Marathon 2014

Cancer benefit

According to a report in a 2012 issue of the internationally reputed journal, Lancet, in the case of cancers common to both sexes, West Bengal and the north-eastern states (along with Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir) recorded “particularly high rates of these specific cancers.” The Indian National Cancer registry also shows that the maximum number of specific cancers comes from eastern India.

To address the needs especially of patients from eastern India, the Tata Medical Center was set up as a Rs 350-crore not-for-profit cancer hospital. Significantly, 50% of the beds here are reserved for the underprivileged. Over 13,000 patients have been treated to date, and hundreds are swarming in. Being a not-for-profit centre, with the thousands of patients, there is an urgent need for funds. It is here that the Kolkata Marathon comes in.

Run for a cause

All proceeds barring the registration fee will go towards the Tata Medical Center, to be used for the benefit of underprivileged cancer patients. So people are being encouraged to register and run for the event. For non-runners, there are even short-distance walk events. There is also a Corporate Run. Hence, there is something for everybody to enjoy, and thus to support a noble cause.


The entry fee of Rs 300 includes Rs 100 as registration fee, Rs 100 towards a T-shirt and Rs 100 as donation to Tata Medical Center.

One can register online here: http://www.kolkatamarathon.com/registration.aspx

For registering in the Corporate Run, one can also send a mail to events.tatamedicalcenter@gmail.com

Entry forms and T-shirts can also be collected at the following centres:

            Kolkata Marathon Office

            c/o Kennel Club

            Maidan Tent

            Mayo Road (Guru Nanak Sarani)

            Kolkata - 700016

            Phone: (033) 2231-3338 / 65103372


            High Life Management

            Stephen Court

            Lift No 3, 1st Floor

            18 A Park Street

            Kolkata - 700071

            Phone: (033) 2226 8024, 4007 3985


            Forum Mall

            Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani



            Kolkata - 700020

            (T-shirts here only from December 29, 2013 to January 4, 2014


Famous faces

Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Vishal Bharadwaj have been roped in to endorse and run for the event. Other famous from the film industry to be associated include Waheeda Rehman, Sharmila Tagore, Aparna Sen, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Kajol and Usha Uthup.

The promotions started on November 12, 2013 with a special event at Taj Bengal, when former cricket captain Sourav Ganguly formally announced the event. Former Indian football team captain Bhaichung Bhutia, actors Prosenjit and Rituparna Sengupta, and tabla maestro Bickram Ghosh are expected to run alongside Sourav.

Theme song

The Taj Bengal event was also where the wonderful anthem of the marathon, Dil diyey mon diyey, dil diyey douroben, was inaugurated. In fact, ‘Dil Diyey Douroben!’, that is, run with a heart, is also the motto of the marathon event. There is an English version of the anthem as well. The lyrics have been penned by Geeta Gopalakrishnan, the director of donor relationships for the Tata Medical Center hospitals, and one of the prime movers behind organising this run. The anthems have been set to music by Usha Uthup, who has also sung both the versions along with others.  

Enjoy the Bengali version here - http://kolkatamarathon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/dildiye02.mp3

And the English version here - http://kolkatamarathon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Dildiye1.mp3

A popular event 

The Kolkata Marathon has been held since 2005 and it is very popular, not just with professional runners but with anyone who wants to run for fun. Last year saw 25,000 participants. Both men and women are allowed participation, and people participate enthusiastically, even for the short-distance races.

The marathon aims to promote athletics in the state, and in general, give Indian athletes a platform to showcase their talent. Winners of the Kolkata Marathon have gone on to participate in international marathons in New York and Bangkok. The races are open to athletes from all over the world.

Categories and prizes

Kolkata Marathon has five categories. Besides the full marathon of 42.195 km, there are four other categories. The five races begin at five different times, with the main marathon starting earliest, at 6 am.

Marathon  –  42.195 km  –  starts at 6 am

Mini Marathon  –  11 km  –  starts at 6.05 am

Fun Run or Walk  –  4.2 km  –  7 am

Corporate Run or Walk  –  4.2 km  –  7.10 am   

School Run  –  4.2 km  –  7.15 am

The marathon also offers good prize money, which is the reason for the huge enthusiasm from professional runners. The first twenty position-holders in the main marathon as well as the half-marathon receive prize money.

For the full marathon:

 1st – Rs 320,000

2nd – Rs 160,000

3rd – Rs 80,000

For the mini marathon:

1st – Rs 110,000

2nd – Rs 55,000

3rd – Rs 30,000

Go Kolkata, run! Dil diye douroben!

This is a great opportunity for people to run for a cause. Of course, the professionals would compete for the main events, the full and the half marathons. For the rest, whether one wants to run or walk, this is ample opportunity to get together for supporting the fight against a dreaded disease like cancer.

So Kolkata, run… dil diye douroben!

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Comments (6)
January 05, 2014
I'm happy to join The Kolkata Marathon Dil Diyey Dourben!
Sushanta naskar Reply
December 19, 2013
Ami Kolkata Marathon-e participate korte chai Kivabe participate korte hobe janina. Keu jaanle bolben plz!
Dipak Roy Reply
December 19, 2013
Enjoy the run with fun... dil se :D
Sabitabrata Chatterjee Reply
December 15, 2013
This is a great way to raise money for those who can't afford cancer treatment. Run for a cause!
Sampurna Reply
December 15, 2013
Run Kolkata Run!
Indranil Reply
December 15, 2013
Run for a cause... I would join the fun run or walk
December 15, 2013
Indranil, don't forget to collect your free T-shirt.
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