Care shelters for stray dogs

Care shelters for stray dogs

December 28, 2013

''A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." - Josh Billings

The pulse of a city is understood by the care it gives to its stray animals, namely dogs. Kolkata has a heart and it does care for its stray dogs.

There are many groups and individuals in the city who have been giving shelter and care to the stray dogs. Kolkata Municipal Corporation has an old-age home near Dhapa for stray dogs. There are 250 cages for the dogs that may have fallen ill because of old age. The cages also house the dogs that the KMC health department officials have to pick up from time to time from the streets for sterilization and vaccination.

There are three operation theatres in this home for stray dogs. About 900 operations per month are possible at this place. There is a team of veterinary surgeons and paramedics who attend to the dogs. Sterilization and vaccination are important parts of the care provided to the stray dogs housed here.

KMC health dept officials picking up strays for sterilization

Debasree Roy Foundation has been doing some great work in caring for stray animals for a long time now. The mission of this foundation is: rescue dogs that have been the object of unwarranted torture or neglect and provide them with adequate care and medical help. These dogs are sprayed or neutered if needed and proper veterinary care from professionals is made available to them.

This foundation, apart from giving medical care, also actively pursues adoption and rehabilitation of stray dogs. This organisation also has a shelter that rescues dogs that have been the object of unwarranted torture or neglect and provide them with adequate care and medical help.

Debasree Roy Foundation takes care of strays

Similar organisations all across the state are doing a great job. An NGO in Konnagar is doing exceptional work looking after street dogs. Food is cooked daily by volunteers to feed stray dogs. With limited means, this organisation is trying to support as many stray animals as possible. Cats and rabbits are also looked after by this organisation.

Concern for Environment & Animal Welfare, the Konnagar NGO known for taking care of dogs

Many individuals of the city have taken it up as a crusade to look after stray animals. Morning walkers can often be seen feeding local stray dogs and also birds. Some tea stall owners say they have a standing instruction from many of their customers to feed a certain number of dogs on their behalf. This is heartening indeed.

Volunteers of SupportADog, a US-based organisation with an office in Kolkata

But the biggest challenge is keeping the population of stray dogs within a manageable limit and of course ensuring they are disease free. It is in this sphere that effort has to be more organised and helplines more accessible to the people.

Pet shops with luxury and pampering products for one’s pets are on the rise. Grooming and spa centres for pets are also mushrooming across the city of Kolkata. Kennels and pet care centres that take care of pets when owners are away on tours or holidays are also on the rise in the city. While all of this speaks of great love and affection for pet animals, it also points to a certain amount of consumerism that has seeped into this sphere.

Pgpet Trading Company, one of the bigger pet shops in Kolkata

The city needs more individuals and NGOs to come forward to help stray dogs get a better life. These dogs do a great service to the neighborhood alerting the residents if any stranger happens to come by. It is time we all give a better thought to these mongrels and for that organised support groups need to be in place. Also contact details of organisation and persons who can provide medical aid or rehabilitation to stray dogs need to be advertised beyond yellow pages.

“The poor dog, in life the firmest friend, the first to welcome, the foremost to defend.”
- George Gordon Byron

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Comments (13)
sohini Reply
October 19, 2014
Respected Sir/Madam, I am a resident of Laketown Green Park block-B kolkata-700089. Our locality has many street dogs and its number is increasing at an alarming rate.They bark whole night and chase people. There are plenty of dogs in this locality who are showing abnormal behavior these days. At night it is really difficult to cross the lane and reach home as around 6-7 dogs appear chasing and about to bite. I am really scared of the situation as today morning they have attacked one person in my neighborhood. Please take necessary action and send a dog catcher squad in that area as soon as possible as they are danger to the society now.
Jerry Reply
September 21, 2014
Hi, Im much concerned about a stray dog in sarat bose road. He's injured. I believe he has some allergy or rash. If you could adopt the dog or just cure him, that would save his life. Please let me know if you want further details. Thankyou.
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Some more dog centres outside Kolkata: Hitaljore Kishoribala Databya Chikitsalaya C/O Principal, Sabang Sajanikantha Mahavidyalaya, PO: Lutunia, Dist: Midnapore, PIN - 721166 Honorary Animals Welfare Officer Satyapur, PO: Arpara, Dist: Nadia 741126 Mobile: 9834602092 / 9831152918 People For Animals Dr Urmila Ganguli, Dera, Purbapalli, Santiniketan 731235, Dist. Birbhum Landline: (3463) 309354 Mobile: 9333523095 / 9432887298 Email: People For Animals South Sudarsanpur, Raiganj 733134, Dist: Uttar Dinajpur Mobile: 9434232567 / 9933120305 / 9232604050 / 9434154882 / 9832534349 Email:
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Some more dog centres outside Kolkata: Kalimpong Animal Shelter (A project of Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter trust (DGAS)) Middle Bong Busty, Kalimpong 734301, Dist: Darjeeling Landline: (3552) 270101 (Clinic), (3552) 270534 (Office) Mobile: 9233388937 (DGAS Office) Email: Website: Facebook page: Maslandapur Sarada Sevasram (MSS) Village: Betpul, PO: Maslandapur, PS: Habra, Dist: North 24 Parganas Landline: (3216) 63711 Email:
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Some more dog centres outside Kolkata: People For Animals 73/1 Loknath Bol Sarani, PO: Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri 734003 L-3, S/6 Building, Hill Cart Road, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri 734003 Landline: (0353) 2513788 Mobile: 9434222328 / 9474379300 / 9903985917 / 9903985956 Email: Animal Resource Development Department Near Margreat School, Nivedita Road, Champasari More, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri 734003 Mobile: 9832013995
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Some dog centres outside Kolkata: Concern for Environment & Animal Welfare 44/C AL Banerjee Street, Konnagar 712235 Mobile: 9433153748 Facebook page: Calcutta Pinjrapole Society 58 Netaji Subhas Road, Liluah 711204, Dist: Howrah Landline: (033) 65338293 Mobile: 9831515092 Uluberia SPCA Vill. & PO: Uttarmanasri, PS: Udaynarayanpur, Uttarmansari 711412, Dist: Howrah Animal and Bird Welfare Society Village Singti, PO: Singti-Shibpur, PS: Udayanarayanpur 711226, Dist: Howrah
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Some more dog centres: Friends of Dogs 1A Rainey Park Lane, Kolkata 700019 People for Animals 15B Clive Row, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700001 Landline: (033) 22104365/ 22209311 / 2/ 3 Fax: (033) 22205665 Calcutta Pinjarapole Society 34, Armenian Street, Kolkata 700001 Landline: (033) 22688933 Support A Dog 208 SP Mukherjee Road, Mudiali, Kolkata 700026â Mobile: 9830318001 Mother of Stray Dogs and Cats 57/2A Ashutosh Chatterjee Road, Kolkata 700031 All Lovers of Animal Society No. 30, Chowringhee Mansion, JL Nehru Road, Kolkata 700016 Landline: (033) 22296930 South Calcutta Animal Welfare Society 21 South Road, Santoshpur, Kolkata 700075
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Some more dog centres: Calcutta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Calcutta SPCA) 276 Benod Behari Ganguly Street, Kolkata 700012 Landline: (033) 22367738/ 28631255 Fax: (033) 22365592 Website: Compassionate Crusaders Trust (Debasis Chakrabarthi Animal Welfare Charitable Trust) 1 /13A Olai Chandi Road, Kolkata 700037 Tel: (033) 24647030, 22104365, 25320000 Fax: (033) 25465548 Email: Website: YouTube channel: Facebook page:
Team MMM Reply
September 15, 2014
Hi all, Here are the contact details of some dog centres. Nikhil Banga Kalyan Samity Bakrahat Road, Thakurpukur, Kolkata Landline: (033) 24959148 |Mobile: 9239299112 Debasree Roy Foundation 11C Dover Lane, Kolkata 700029 Landline: (033) 65503285 Email:, Website: Love n Care for Animals, 80/2C Sarsuna Main Road, Kolkata 700061 Landline: (033) 24881222 Mobile: 9433075715, 9830037693 Email: Website:
shashi Reply
September 07, 2014
i have just shifted to kolkata and in my locality (bijaygarh) there are two dogs who fought with each other and have wounded themselves very badly. The condition of both the dogs is very serious.. can you please come and help them.I searched in net for their treatment and found that surgery is needed, try to put turmeric but they are not alowing us .. Please help them.... Please My name is shashi and my number is 09614382334.. if u come please let me know so that i can caught them before u come for treatment..
pomi Reply
August 07, 2014
Hello , Do you have a shelter assigned for stray dogs.I could not find any address on the site.Could you please let me know. Regards Pomi
Trishna Reply
April 13, 2014
hi,i stay at 27,christopher rd.ekta floral.there are stray dogs in our locality who do not get proper food.all they get to eat is the garbage around, which is them is in a bad's health seems to be deteriorating day after day. another issue is that since they don't have shelter, the puppies keep running around on the road. and on 2 occasions they've been killed under vehicles. kindly help them
Partha Das Reply
March 29, 2014
We had three small puppies of 2 months age. We are already feeding 3 full grown stray dogs. In this circumstances if you kindly adopt the puppies they will live a life atleast. Thanks Partha Das 9231586390
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