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Kolkata boy creates unique networking site

January 25, 2014

Final year engineering student Sankalp Singha hacked into his college website a few years ago to check how many more classes he and his classmates could bunk without getting into any major trouble. Now, he and three of his buddies have come up with a social networking site meant exclusively for the youth.

Singha and his college mates, who have already registered with 'Campus Plugin', no longer have to hack into any site to check their attendance. They can simply click on something called 'Bunky Check' to find out the status officially.

Idea that changed his life

"I slogged for over two years to give shape to the site. It took me three months to code it. It includes nearly two million lines of code.

I am still upgrading it. All this was possible due to the kind of training I received from my college. Now, we have started a web development company and offers have already started pouring in. We have already developed a website for bloggers in Hindi. The money we receive from such efforts goes into our site. I have always tried to think differently. It was my rock group that came up with a song for my college. This is used by the institution in its advertisements," Sankalp said.

Making college days memorable

"My idea was a site designed exclusively for the youth and their needs. Apart from 'Bunky Check', there is something known as 'CrushList'. Through this, people can chat with each other. If one of them develops a crush for the other, he or she can send a special message. This is not sent to the other person outright. The identity is hidden. Only if the other person reciprocates and sends a crush message, the identities get revealed.

In this way, there is no embarrassment even if an advance is turned down. There is something known as 'Random Chat' where members can chat with anybody without identities being disclosed. If the chat continues for three minutes, one alphabet each of the chatters' names is disclosed. If the chat continues, the two finally get to know each others' identities. In this way, one can simply move away if he or she is not interested in a certain person without facing the risk of being bothered later on. There is also something known as 'Shoutbox' where youngsters can make themselves heard," he said.

The talented team

His team includes an Android developer and two programmers. "We shall upgrade the site by February. It will include features like 'Route Planner'. This will be helpful for students from different colleges returning home to the same place. By adjusting their dates, the students can book taxis and train tickets together that would make their journeys cheaper and more comfortable. I want it to be the best site," Singha added.

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