Haunted places in West Bengal

Haunted places in West Bengal

January 25, 2014

Bengalis have at least 15 words for ghosts based on the spirit’s caste, marital status, behaviour and the fate suffered in the pre-paranormal past. Some look like forest owls, others enjoy eating fish or stealing. Still others lure people to their deaths by feigning the voices of their lovers. Some ghosts has backward-facing feet or drift by without heads or drift above the ground.

Ghosts are often seen as unfortunate souls caught between lives because of a sin committed by or against them. The Garuda Purana, believed to have been written between 3000 and 1500 BC, lists 17 types of ghosts and how they became so, including the notion that many choose to lurk where falsehood and ignominy exist.

Rationalists say it is a reflection of West Bengal’s rich literary traditions, imagination and love of storytelling. Harish Ramchandani, steward at the Royal Calcutta Turf Club, one of the famous haunted places in Kolkata, says that ghost myths are so prevalent because children are often told that ghosts would come if they did not eat their food.

Whatever be the truth, Kolkata as well as many places in West Bengal have the reputation of being haunted. Countless stories swirl around of ghosts in white and mysterious shadows, of things creaking and of people walking, of voices speaking and of voices shouting. The variety of ghostly activities is indeed a spookily rich tradition. 

Ghost caught on camera

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Dow Hill in Kurseong is one of the most haunted places in India. Especially in the corridors of Victoria Boys’ School and in the surrounding woods have a lot of paranormal activity been recorded. A number of murders have taken place in the Dow Hill forest that has left an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. Many locals have also heard footsteps in the corridors of Victoria Boys School during the December-March vacations, when no one is supposed to be inside. On the stretch that links Dow Hill to the forest office, woodcutters and labourers have reported seeing a headless boy walking for several yards and disappearing into the forest. All these things help make this place one of the top ten haunted places in India.

A view of Dow Hill, Kurseong

Some haunted places in Kolkata

Kolkata, the former capital of British India, is a particularly fertile ground for the creepy, the eerie and the supernatural. People offer various theories on why the city seems so haunted. Some cite the many decrepit buildings of this once-glorious capital of the British Raj. Others say it is due to the large number of famines, disease and unnatural deaths which have occurred in the region.

Writers’ Building: A few rooms in Writers’ Building are suspected to be haunted. Various stories claim that these vacant rooms are spooky and ghosts dwell in there. No one stays in the building after dusk. The hawkers outside tell stories of flickering lights in odd parts of the building and sounds of someone crying late at night. According to stories, the spirit of the infamous Col. Simpson, killed by the revolutionaries Benoy, Badal and Dinesh inside, still resides in the building.

South Park Street Cemetery: The South Park Street Cemetery is one of the famous tourist spots in Kolkata, The tall lush green trees, century-old tombs and the peaceful surrounding attracts tourists and locals as well. Most of the graves here belong to British military officers. The cemetery is one of the oldest burial grounds of the city. It was constructed in 1767 and burials took places till near the end of the 19th century. It is now believed to be haunted. Visitors claim to have experienced unusual things after visiting the place. One report says that while visiting the place a group of friends clicked pictures and later they found a weird shadow shaped like a fist in front of the lens. Soon weird things started happening to each of them. The one who clicked the picture had an asthma attack when he wasn’t even an asthma patient, and another had severe dizziness. Sources confirm to have spotted a white fog of human-like figure regularly at the grounds, in the early mornings and late evenings

Hastings House, Alipore: Hastings House is a small part of Belvedere Estate. The Belvedere Estate was one of the oldest establishments in Alipore. Governor General Warren Hastings built Hastings House for himself and then it became the governor’s residence until the Government House came up. Today, it houses the Institute of Education for Women, which offers teachers’ training courses. Students here have reported different incidents that are spooky. Some say they have seen a man riding a horse entering the campus and searching some documents on New Years’ eves. They believe it to be Warren Hastings himself. Others have reported about the spirit of a boy who died here while playing football; since then no one plays here. One girl reported of a woman who was possessed.

Hastings’ haunt

On the midnight of New Years’ eve, many say a coach drawn by four horses comes up the gravel path outside Hastings House. The door creaks open and a thin intense figure fades into the portico. A feverish light restlessly flits from room to room, as if someone is frantically searching for something – people say it is Warren Hastings searching for his desk.

While he was alive, Hastings kept hunting for a missing desk, which was left behind by mistake when he left for England. Cotton's Calcutta Old and New quotes a letter he wrote to his private secretary in July 1785. "It pains me," Hastings wrote, "to recur to the subject of the bureau. I have not received any intelligence from you or Larkin about it." The bureau was an old black wooden one and, apparently, contained two portrait miniatures and some private papers, presumably belonging to Baroness Imhoff, Hastings' wife, a woman who caused quite a deal of scandal in her time. Hastings was finally forced to advertise for the missing bureau in 1787, in the Calcutta Gazette, offering a reward of no less than two thousand sicca rupees to anyone who could give him information on its whereabouts. But he could never recover it, and is supposedly still searching for them. He was so attached to his Alipore house that he had his gardens in England patterned after his beloved Alipore lawns.

An old picture postcard showing Hastings House

National Library: The National Library also lies in the premises of the Belvedere Estate. It is one of the largest repositories of books in the country. Some regulars have some eerie stories to say about the building. They have heard the sounds of footsteps and believe that it is the governor’s wife who has haunted this place. The building was once the official residence of the lieutenant governor of Bengal. The story goes that Lord Metcalfe's lady goes from room to room examining the maintenance of the premises – she did so when she was alive, being a woman famed for her housekeeping. The new building beside the old one also has had some spooky sightings, as reported by people working there. During its construction, a few workers met with accidents and died at the spot. It is believed that their spirits linger around that area.

The old building of National Library

National Museum: The museum was transferred to its current location in 1878 with two galleries. Now the gigantic building holds close to sixty galleries. It is a well-known haunted location of the city. People have heard a lot of sounds made by the traditional anklets worn by women during dance performances. Sounds of the dragging of heaps of clothes can also be heard sometimes. There are tales of marching-boot sounds at night, which are attributed to the restless spirits of Indian freedom fighters detained in the administration building by the British in the early 20th century.

Kolkata Dockyard, Khidderpore: This place was originally owned by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. After his kingdom was snatched from him by the East India Company in 1856, the nawab took refuge in the area which now holds the docks. There are a few eerie stories about the complex. It is believed that the spirit of the nawab resides here to take revenge on the British Empire. The nawab was a fond follower of music, and stories of classical music being heard also do the rounds.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club: It has often been said by people who frequent the club that if they happened to suddenly stop along the way while walking around the clubhouse, they have seen a white fog galloping towards them – according to legend, it is the spirit of White Pearl, a racehorse shot by its master after she was unable to win some races. People on vehicles have often confirmed strange sightings around the adjacent roads. One of the eye-witnesses remembers how on an April night he saw a fog passing along the middle of the road, only to see it get transformed into a majestic white horse.

Rabindra Sarovar metro station: Those who have committed suicide at this metro station are supposed to be haunting the place, and quite a few have over the years. Some of the people who have boarded the last train have had some weird experiences. It is claimed that spirits can occasionally be seen riding the last train. People have reported ghastly shadows of figures during the late evenings and nights.

Wipro office: The place where the building stands was a part of the East Kolkata Wetlands. Residents in the close-by areas of Salt Lake and Rajarhat explain the reasons for the strange experiences felt at the Wipro office. The plot where Wipro Kolkata stands was a graveyard and encounter killings have also reportedly taken place here. Employees are often reluctant to go alone to the washroom after strange incidents have been reported. They have often complained about strange sightings, specifically on the third floor of Tower 3. New recruits are advised not to hover around the area.

Ghost caught on special camera

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Comments (36)
Akashdeep Chowdhury Reply
September 10, 2014
Any aspiring ghost hunter can contact our paranormal research and investigation team...only serious and sincere people will be getting our membership....if interested contact us 9038922331
Sarkar S
October 28, 2014
Hello Akashdeep Chowdhury, I would like to be a part of your paranormal research and investigation team. I tried calling the number mentioned, however its going to "Unavailable". Please let me know how to proceed. You can contact me by replying to my email id. Thanking You, Sarkar S
sonai Reply
September 01, 2014
Rabindra Sarovar metro station is the best place for paranormal activities
Saheli Ukil Reply
August 30, 2014
Pailan Boys n Girls hostle was reported to built on a graveyard, where many people were killed and burried many years ago.
Saheli Ukil Reply
August 30, 2014
There are many more paranormal activities experienced by studendts residing in Pailan Campus(PCMT Girls Hostle,PG Girls Hostle, PCMTBoys Hostle,TCMT Boys Hostle) and common people in Pailan. If any1 want to experience may come and visit Pailan and move here at night after 11:00pm or can stay in Girls or Boys hostle.
Saheli Ukil Reply
August 30, 2014
As the days were passing the situation was worsening... raaye ghumate partam na... dn 1 day 1 shared with a senior r didi bollo j not only me but 2nd floor a jarai thake specially North block a feels this ol.... Raate corridor a hatle mone hoto some1 is following us! Every night between 1:00am to 3:45am we used a hear a girl crying n always felt some1 is walking at the back to the hostle building. Even hostle warden dare not come out of her room after 11:00pm. Now i left hostle because sleepless nights made me sick. Outside the hostle in Pailan campus may local people saw a hand of some girl in air .
Saheli Ukil Reply
August 30, 2014
Ami Pailan Girls Hostle a thaktam... whn i joined hostle senior ra bolechilo "don't go to 3rd floor alone during day and never visit there after dusk".Matter ta khub funny mone hoyechilo... i used to move to 3th floor very desparately. but as winters were approaching (it was after October 2012) the situation began to change.... the atmosphere changed... i started to feel some paranormal presence which followed me everywhere(even in my hostle room), jokhon suye thaktam i used to feel someone just touched my feet or pushed me or pulled my feet. But never shared my feeling with any1 because i thought may be am psychologically affected .
October 14, 2014
Yes you are correct. Being a day scholar in Pailan we heard about all this. I was in Pailan from 2007-10. And many of our friends and classmates reported this. There are many haunted places inside the campus of Pailan. Srijit.
Ayush Reply
August 24, 2014
Main rabindra sarovar hamesha metro pakda hai coz mujhe ofc jaane k liye wahan se local pakad na padta tha but raat ko last train kabhi pakad ne ka mauka nhi mila hamesha 9.52pm ka pakadta tha aur last metro 10.02 ko hai aur agar tb pata hota ye baat to zarur try karta..So guys those who wants to see ghosts or paranormal activities.. Plz make a team and we ll make a group outing to the haunted places in kolkata.. so those who are interested plz mail me i ll contact u back... ayush.panda4@gmail.com
spandan sinha Reply
August 23, 2014
kolkatar voyanok jaegagulir modhe pore kantapukur morgue,mominpur area....je somostho manusher apoghate mrityu hoeche...tader atripto atma ajo ghure berae morgue r charpashe...sobche voyal drishyo face korbe ekjon morguer vetor..mrito dehera ajo ghure berae morguer anache kanache..
August 20, 2014
Need some true incidents of paranormal activities happened in kolkata's top 5 haunted places.. .. I've just started researches on true ghosts incidents.. ..
Eeshan Reply
August 20, 2014
Based on the upper-mentioned blog about the reportedly haunted places in Kolkata, anyone doesn't say that the places are really haunted or not. Being a paranormal(ghost hunting) novice till now I didn't get any scientific proof of such places in kolkata which has been reported as a haunted place. I've seen that people who've put their comments here many of them are believer, non-believer & skeptic, and max. people doesn't have the right idea about paranormal things. The modern ghost-hunters are using the scientific instruments to collect the proof of a certain area which is reportedly haunted. So, there is less chance of false rumor.
Samarjit Reply
August 16, 2014
Bondhura ami nije ekbar sei bhoyanok obhigyotar kotha bolchi...Shri Shikshyatan r Shakayat schooler middle e ekta police er office ache IB. Sekhane ekdin sondhye 8 tar somoy ekta kaj e gechilam...ek ondhokar math periye do tola bari...ghupchi siri r tar niche ondhokar jail khana...sekhane naki ekbar Netaji k rakha hoyechilo..alo chilo tai dhuke porlam kintu ferar pothe hotath rasta hariye fellam. ami eka chechateo parchilam na...ki korbo...hotath dekhi ekta halka sound very feeble but crystal clear... keu jeno amake dakche...ami bhablam hoyto keu amak ghurte dhekhe help korche...but after coming out of that dark gloomy place i found no one.
Biman Deb Reply
August 13, 2014
Dekho purono ghore onek vanga chura baa onek dhoroner birds baa creatures thake oder bichiri awaz korei rr ekta rum purono diner bondho thakle onek rokom er creatures sheltter neye....tobe jeirokom amra vogoban ke dekhte paina ,,amra Vut keo dekhte paina,..rr jodi keu feel kore thake,,ota aladha,,,..otar bepr e amr kono idea nei.
jhuma Banerjee Reply
August 07, 2014
ami feel koreci park street cemetry te giye amra okhne kichu pic tulecilam tokhn pic gule celar cilo but baqrite ase rate pic gulo dekte giye dekhi pic gulo black hoye gece.......r ekta amr frends ra canning ghurte gecilam sekhane giye lords canning bari gecilam kichu recording korecilam tate hat pora ekta figure shadow dhora porece........
Animesh Mukherjee
August 28, 2014
Ami tomar paoa proman gulo dekhte chai, r tomar sathe akbar oimjaiga gulota jete chai....
Sujit Senapati
August 28, 2014
esob kichui noi........
Sujit Senapati
August 20, 2014
Egulo baje kotha chara ar kichui na, kono -ve energy thakleo ta arokom bhabe upolobdhi kora jai na. chabigulo black hoye jaoata virus er kaj ba camerar kono truti hote pare. Ar rec e je shadow dekha giyeche ta kono atmar uposthithi noy seta air e thaka kono hard C atom jader mass khub besi . please reply........
Soumyadeep Basu Reply
July 30, 2014
Dunno guys ei katha gulo kata ta thik and biswas o korchi na jotodin nijer choke na dekchhi. Butt obviously i want to see ghosts and paranormal activities.... ichhe ache Rabindra Sarabor theke ek dn last metro dhore jinis ta nije feel korbo...
Satabdi Saha Reply
July 21, 2014
" CHAYA HOLAYO SATTI ! " Ami o bhoot dekhte chai.
Suvendu chatterjee
August 02, 2014
Sotti bolte amio dekte chai emn kono jayga ki nai jekhane sotti vut ache
July 27, 2014
There is nothing called ghosts...... it's all fake!!!
Nion Ghosh Reply
July 19, 2014
ai sob sotti ...
Shaantanu Mondal Reply
July 19, 2014
Park Street Cemetary te sotti bhut ache , ami feel korechi
shreyashree sarkar Reply
July 17, 2014
ami kokhono bhut dekhi ni but i believe in ghost... mondir e debota thake maximam manush oi thakur kei mone prane mne pray kore.... ami mani bhogoban jokhon aache tokhon ghost o exist kore. i trust it...
debapriya sanyal Reply
July 15, 2014
I don't believe this
July 13, 2014
Amar nijer aviggata ache tai uparer kathagulo abiswas karar khamata amar nei. Tabuo amar husband ke sange niye ami abar bhut dekhte chai.......
Shubha das Reply
June 30, 2014
Uporer sab kati jaigar katha gulo ami biswas kori
Shubha das Reply
June 30, 2014
Wipro er ghatanata chara baki gulor katha ami jani...r agulo j sotti tao mani...r ha karo jodi bhoot dakhar i66e thake tahole new year din mane 31st dec er mid nit a hesting house er samne ofcourse hazir theko! Bhoot na dakhte peleo ki6u paranormal activity dakhte pabe
Soumen Dutta Reply
June 27, 2014
Bhuter chobi toila jae kintu bhagaban ?? Nei, tai tchobi tola jae na ?? Please think everything logically.
Payal Basak Mukherjee Reply
June 25, 2014
Amar o Bhoot dekhar khub iccha.... Janina konodin dekhte parbo kina... khub khub iccha ache ekdin Ravindra sarovar theke last metro dhorar....
July 12, 2014
Amiyo ek din last train nebo rabindra sarobar diye
kaushikroy Reply
June 21, 2014
kothao jodi paranormal activites hoi kothao tahole pls janao
arghya pal Reply
June 20, 2014
Amar khub ichhe bhoot achhe ki nei eta janar. Tai jokhn ami established hobo tokhon nischoy ei sottota jachai korbo.
Debajyoti kar Reply
June 19, 2014
Please do inform me about such haunted places in West Bengal.. Asariri r sathe ekta raat katate chai.. 
Saugat Chatterjee Reply
June 18, 2014
Dear All I really wanna make an experience about this. Please if you guys hv any info regarding any such kind of places where we can go and stay, please let me know. My contacct no is 8697600156
Bishwajit Halder Reply
June 14, 2014
It's true and most danger please people those who do't believe will be taken forcivbely to Bermuda Triangle
Trina Ghosh Reply
June 06, 2014
ami Millenium city ar BMA te kaaj kortam.sunechilam tower 2 6th floor ar washroom a vut ache(jekhane ami kaaj kortam).sobai bolto 7 tar por oi wash room a gele vut dekha jay even onek a dekheche.a,i thakte amni 2 jonar songe hoyechilo.ami oi wash room a proti din 7tar por jetam log out ar por but unfortunately kono din vut dekhte paini.tobe oi wash room ar ekta problem chilo kono din light ta thik jolto na sob somoy blink korko. onek bar electrician ase thik kore diyeche but 2-3 ghontar modhe abar oi blink korto.but ami kono din feel korini kono paranormal activity@
Nabomalikaa Gupta Reply
June 04, 2014
aro bhuter galpo chai.I belive in ghost
Irshad Ali Reply
May 31, 2014
amader bari kolkata ta nagerbezer satgachi purono bari ami O khana thi amder bari ta amr ma akdin gost dakachilo..................
Tamanash Das Reply
May 30, 2014
egulo mone hoche sotti ghoto na...amr khub valo lage ei rokom dhoroner kichu adventure...of course about gost....amak aro jante hobe je west bengal er ar kothay kothay ei rokom haunted house ba place ache...bhuter adventure amar khub valo lage
Anish majumder Reply
May 13, 2014
Ai golpo gulo ki sotti? Akhono ki ai gulo dekha jay.....??????
Soumen Goswami Reply
May 07, 2014
Khub valo collection.aro valo golpo chai vuter.gram bangal r vut nie.
October 30, 2014
I really want to feel some paranoraml kinda paranormal activity. anybody can do this favour to me please
Abhijit kundu Reply
April 10, 2014
Ami kono din ghost dekhini tobe dekhar khub ichha aache... Jodi kono din kopale thakea ta hole nischoi dekhbo....
Sudip Chakroborty
June 06, 2014
Amio kokhono vut dekhini tai amar o khub eche ache but akar jnno jete eche kore na.jodi tumi jete chao tahole amar sathe contact korte paro...ei email e mail kore...
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