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Modern method of lung treatment in Bengal

February 8, 2014

Treatment of respiratory tract/lung diseases gets new hope with the advent of modern technology.

A successful procedure

Shaktipada Pal, a 73 year old resident of Jadavpur, was suffering from breathing problem and excessive phlegm for two months. He was rushed to a private hospital near EM Bypass when blood was found in his mucous. Diagnosis revealed a big tumour in his respiratory tract. The oxygen carrying capacity of the left lung had decreased to a great extent. The tumour needed to be removed but considering his health and age, a major surgery was out of question. The doctors decided to use ‘Argon Photocoagulation’ procedure, which reduces the tumour in size by melting it. Following this procedure, the respiratory tract needed to be widened with a stent to relieve him from breathlessness. Just a day after the operation, he walked back home.

Variety of new techniques

To combat lung diseases spreading in the city due to pollution, procedures like Argon Photocoagulation, Thoracoscopy, Cryotherapy, EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound) are being used. Inert gases like Argon are used to melt tumours; nitrous oxide is used in Cryotherapy to remove the tumour from the respiratory tract. Stents are used to expand the tract in case of tuberculosis or other lung-associated ailments.

Expert advice

Raja Dhar, specialist in respiratory diseases said, "It is risky to operate old people for tumor removal from lungs. Instead these treatments can be easily used and they are also cost effective. The patient can reach their home within 24 hours.”

According to pulmonologist Sushmita Roychowdhury, “Thoracoscopy is an important clinical procedure by which we can use bronchoscope to collect fluid from lungs or biopsy sample of tumour. We can also expel fluid if needed.”

A small caveat

But physicians are worried about Chronic Obstructive Pulomonary Disease (COPD) which recently caused Suchitra Sen’s death. COPD patients are vulnerable of contracting influenza and pneumonia, making the situation worse. Vaccine once a year is the only way to reduce the effects.

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Comments (1)
Saikat Reply
February 09, 2014
Nice advancement in medical field... Increase in pollution increases the lung diseases... Pollution level in the city is scary.. !!
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