14 'Love Zones' in Kolkata

14 'Love Zones' in Kolkata

February 14, 2015

Young couples standing in long queues outside restaurants or jostling for space in the various parks, is not an uncommon sight on Valentine's Day. But Rome, as they say, was not built in a day. The same holds true for the innumerable love stories that bloom every day, in the corners of the city. But where do youngsters go to find a little time and space to build Rome... er, their relationships?

Turns out, they don't have to venture far. From the legendary quadrangle of Presidency University and Green Benches of St Xavier's College to the inconspicuous empty classrooms — city colleges offer ample scope to keep the romance alive. The evergreen phrase 'I love you' resonates across the corridors. On Valentine's Day, Team M3.tv remembers 14 'lovely' places in Kolkata.

14. Jadavpur jheel

The Green Zone of Jadavpur University campus is famous for its vast open spaces, soothing greenery and the well-tended carpet of grass. One can often spot sweethearts cuddling or coochie-cooing here, sitting on the wooden benches, enjoying the cool breeze. The lovebirds enjoy the view of the jheel (pond) and the privacy that the jheel paar offers. Even more romantic during the monsoons, this spot also offers a bonus — the proximity to the canteen.

13. Lovers’ Lane in Presi

There are not many romance spots in Kolkata campuses as fabled as Presidency University's Lovers' Lane. Even though newer spots have been discovered by couples, the romance associated with this stretch, flanked by the majestic main building and canopying trees, only grows by the day.

Presidency Lovers' Lane

Popularly known as Maths-er chhad, the terrace of the Maths department also provides a magical setting for most couples, as the sun goes down the horizon. The long spiral staircase leading up to it only adds to the old-world-charm.

12. Baghbazar ghat

The nook and crannies of the north Kolkata bylanes have witnessed many a lovestory brewing. One such spot is the Bagbazar Ghat, 10 minutes away from the college. One can always spot couples, all with their identity cards, sitting on the ghats, chatting. With age-old banyans shielding them from prying eyes, they couldn't have asked for more.

11. Delightfully yours

Love over a cup of coffee? The concept is regularly nailed by the students of St Xavier's College, who are often spotted at the coffee shop just two minutes away from the campus. You can also spot couples hopping into Delights, situated right opposite the back gate. A yummy pizza and a glass of chilled masala soft drink add a perfect edge to these love stories.

10. Victoria Memorial

It is a good & almost safe place for couple or love birds. You can spend some intimate time with your girl friend with police protection. Sounds Funny!! Yes. No one will say anything if you kiss or hug your girl friend or boy friend in public. No one will tease you or through any slung comments.

9. Central Park (Banabitan)

It is a space to get intimate with your girl friend or boy friend. This is a place only for romance. You can spend a “quality time” here with your partner. No one here will object to “anything”. Just remember not to be too explicit in your acts.

Aerial view of Central Park, Salt Lake

8. Elliot Park

It’s also a good & safe place for Kolkata love birds to romance. The space is also designed for couples to enjoy romance without any tension. Staring at other couple’s activity is not preferred here. You can also take your girlfriend to have a walk around the park.

7. Nalban

One of the best parks in Kolkata, Nalban is open till 8 pm so you can enjoy with your partner even after work. You can romance anywhere as there are lot of hide outs to romance each other. Apart from romancing, you can also engage yourself in boating, ranging from simple paddle boats to deluxe Shikaras, depending upon your choice and budget.

6. Dhakuria Lake

This place is mostly preferred by college students who really want to spend their time in private; it’s the right place to do so. It seems the benches around the lake are specially made for couples to romance.

5. Millennium Park

One of the finest ambiances for lovers at the bank of river Ganga where you can immerse yourself in the eyes of your partner while enjoying a romantic sunset on the ghat. The park consists of landscaped gardens and children's amusement rides.

4. Science City

This is the right place where people can enjoy with their date since the place is bit costly with an entry fee. People won’t prefer it much but actually it’s the right place to hang out if you are looking for solace.

Nandan complex, Kolkata

3. Nandan

Nandan is a government sponsored centre in Calcutta, India for facilitating film awareness and includes a few comparatively large screens housed in an impressively architectured building. The complex, besides being a modern cinema and cultural complex, is a popular hang-out for the young and the aged. You can always settle yourself at the Akademi complex or cross the road to spend some quality time at Mohor Kunja.

2. South City Mall food court

One of the most popular hangout spots for the young generation, who prefer cooling in the AC malls rather than “sweating it out” in the sun. Often one would witness the food court manager walking around, asking couples (immersed in each other) to vacate tables or order some food. A big draw for college students.

1. Metro stations

Do not be surprised. A common sight at the entrance of any metro station would be to find love birds spending a few moments together, before setting off for their destination. Even the pillars on the platforms are witness to so many romantic tales in these three decades of existence. So much so that security personnel often have to remind the love birds to board their trains.

Written by: Agnivo Niyogi for Team M3.tv

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