Getting inked in Kolkata

Getting inked in Kolkata

February 16, 2014

For those who manage to face down their fear and get inked, tattoos are more than a passing fad — they are a tool of self-expression. For a small number amongst this group, it escalates into something of an addiction — get one and they will get another. But many others remain too afraid to take that final step towards permanent body change, not to mention the temporary pain, and it is for this group that knowing more might be the required push towards the tattoo of their dreams.

Design decision

Needles and piercing might conjure gruesome images in the mind, but the process of tattooing is fairly simple and not scary, promise the experts. “People get needlessly panic-stricken,” feels Niloy, the owner of Lizard’s Skin Tattoos, which has become the go-to tattoo destination for Calcutta’s music community. “The client first has to decide on a pattern. The area to be tattooed is shaved, cleaned with medical spirit and the imprint traced on the skin. A sterilised needle is then dipped in special tattoo ink and brushed into the first layer of skin, where the colour is trapped. The process is scientific and if proper hygiene is maintained, there is no reason to be afraid.”

Colour code

Black, multi-coloured, UV… what’s your thing? This is a question you might want to ask yourself before heading to the parlour. The colour scheme depends to a large extent on the pattern you choose. Tribal patterns, names and initials look better in black and grey (the most popular type as far as Calcutta goes), whereas more elaborate tattoos come alive with colour. The most expensive and the trendiest tattoos are now in UV. These glow in the dark, adding a touch of funk to your style statement.

To help you decide where to get the right tattoo design for you, here is a list of the top 10 places you can get a tattoo in Kolkata:

1. 3 cube tattoos:

This tattoo parlour is one of the best tattoo parlours in Kolkata, the alipore area. The artist here is Rajdeep. He is an amiable fellow who will be of great assistance to you in finalising the design for your tattoo. The exact address of this shop is Shop No 109, Sahapur Colony, 3rd Floor, Near Triangular Park, New Alipore, Kolkata.

2. White star tattoo studio:

This is one of the best tattoo studios available in Kolkata. People come to get tattoos made here even from Delhi! The designers here are skilled and excellent in making custom tattoos. They have a large collection of designs for portrait tattoos, animal tattoos, sign tattoos and so on.

3. Oasis tattoo studio:

Oasis tattoo studio is the second best tattoo parlour in Kolkata. It maintains good hygienic conditions and all its needles are used just once. They even help you with the aftercare of your tattoo. All in all, the services of this studio will suit your needs.

4. Katha the tattoo studio:

The exact address for this studio is 83 B, 1st Floor, Above Orient Decorators & adjacent To State Bank of India, Vivekananda Road, Girish Park, Kolkata – 700006. The studio makes both permanent as well as temporary tattoos.

5. Lizard’s skin tattoos:

The exact address of this studio is 392/1, Opposite South City Mall, Beside Honda Showroom, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata – 700045. The tattoo artists here are well known in the city.

6. Habibs tattoo:

Habibs is mainly known as a hair salon but what is not known about it is that it also houses some of the greatest tattoo designers of the city! The Habibs tattoos are very popular among those who know about it. The conditions of the parlour are no doubt hygienic and well maintained and the skill of the designers is a guarantee.

7. Calcutta ink tattoo studio:

This is another one of the recommended tattoo parlours in the city. Like all the others in this list, the conditions here are hygienic and the skill of the artists remarkable. You will not regret visiting this studio. Its exact address is 181, Near Arsalan, Park Street, Kolkata -700017.

8. Bits tattoos:

This is another remarkable place to get your tattoo done. The designers are professional who have trained under the very best tattoo makers. They are the best that there is in this field in Kolkata. It is located in Kankurgachi and is certainly the best tattoo parlour in that area.

9. Discovery fun:

This studio like its name provides you with a fun experience. The exact address of the studio is 57/C/2, Near Barisha Yugoyatri, Biren Roy Road East, Barisha, Kolkata – 700008. So if you are in this locality and wish to get a tattoo, do not look any further.

10. Unik Ink Tattoo Studio:

This is another fine tattoo studio in Kolkata. Its exact address is 104A Block B Laketown (opposite to government girls high school), Kolkata, India 700089. They provide the best quality of art work!

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