Amusement parks in Kolkata

Amusement parks in Kolkata

March 12, 2014

Life never stops in Kolkata. At any time of the year there is something going on – a festival, a wedding, a match, a demonstration, a concert or a party. For some, Kolkata is the city of joy, while for others it is dirty, crowded, and noisy.

Being the capital of a state, Kolkata is a bustling metropolis. Amusement parks in Kolkata provide a welcome respite from the constant urban pressure. They provide wholesome outdoor entertainment at a reasonable price.

The term ‘amusement park’ refers to any outdoor setting that has a collection of rides and other varied entertainment attractions brought together for the purpose of entertaining a substantial number of people. The amusement parks in Kolkata cater to Kolkatans of all age groups – adults, teenagers and children.

The major amusement parks in Kolkata include:

Nicco Park: Kolkata's first amusement park opened in 1991. Located at Salt Lake, this amusement park can be called the Disneyland of West Bengal. There is no bar for any age group in this park. The various rides are enthralling. Food is not allowed to be carried inside but there are many food stalls to cater to all kinds of tastes.

Nicco Park

Nalban Boating Complex: Nalban Boating Complex is located at Salt Lake. The principal attraction of Nalban Boating Complex is the beautiful lake which is utilised for leisure boating activities. It is also popular as a family picnic spot.

Nalban Boating Complex

Science City: Located on Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Science City is a place of entertainment and education for people of all ages. This 21st-century marvel of science, communication and environment is the first and only institution of its kind in India. There is also a huge convention centre complex comprising of the Grand Theatre (seating capacity of 2232), one Mini Auditorium, a Seminar Hall Building with 11 halls, an indoor and an outdoor exhibition centre. The auditoria and seminal halls are air-conditioned and fully equipped with the latest audio-visual systems. Science City is the pride of Kolkata. It is the gateway to the next century.

Science City

Millennium Park: Millennium Park is situated along the banks of the river Hooghly. The park stretches for a distance of 2.5 km from near Princep Ghat to near Babughat, between the eastern bank of the Hoogly and Strand Road. It is the brainchild of  Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority and is located on land belonging to Kolkata Port Trust.

Millenium Park

Aquatica: Plunge into Aquatica where an ocean of undiluted excitement awaits you. Drive into Tornado, a heart-stopping 100-foot tunnel journey. Go wild on Mountain River, a thrilling ride through wilderness. Get into the swim of things with Aqua Dance, Island cafe and much more.


Belilious Park, Howrah: Belilious Park is located in a superb natural surrounding for leisure, pleasure, fun and entertainment for all. The magnificent landscape is populated by a picturesque garden spotted with attractive unique rides, a lovely lake, sprawling playground, jogging tracks for the young and the elderly, an open air theatre, a shopping arena and many more attractions.

Belilious Park, Howrah

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