"TMC has been trying... Work has happened"

"TMC has been trying... Work has happened"

March 19, 2014

Actor-director Arindam Sil and poet-teacher Subodh Sarkar, two prominent Leftist faces, have pledged their support for theatre actor-director Arpita Ghosh, who is contesting from the Balurghat Lok Sabha seat as the Trinamool nominee. Painter and Trinamool MP Jogen Chowdhury, theatre actor-directors Bibhas Chakraborty, Manoj Mitra, Swatilekha Sengupta, Debesh Chatterjee  and poet Joy Goswami also pledged support for Arpita. Intellectuals who had once been an ardent supporter of the Left Front have now come out in support of Trinamool, because they feel Trinamool is the only party that works for the people in Bengal right now.

Here is what Arindam Sil has to say:

I am a citizen of this Country and this State, and a City of which I am very proud.

I chose Arts and Culture as my passion and living and till the end I will continue to love my City, my State, my Country and my Art – which is Cinema.

My growing up in this City, in an environment of Art & Culture has furthered me as an aware citizen. The difficulty of growing up in this City is as soon as you are politically aware, you are stamped with a colour. I suppose, I myself, am a lot responsible for that.

But, times have changed. Several changes have taken place in this City and the common people will evaluate what good has happened, and what bad.

I, for myself have never stepped back in speaking my heart; and my demeanour still now urges me to say that the TMC has been trying with its existence in the City and the State.

There are various areas where work has happened with considerable substance.

The State is with a huge burden of debt and is wading through it with considerable remarkableness. In such a situation, I, as a human being who feels socially and ideologically responsible for the people; extend my support for any form of progress for the State.

Here has come a time where we have to rise above ‘colours’ and ‘stamps’. If we love our State we ought to put in our best front forward in support. And contribution can happen only if we contribute through the structure which is working; and not through a structure that has gone defunct and idle.

Arindam Sil was born in a traditional north Kolkata joint family on March 12, 1964. After graduating with BCom (Hons) from St Xavier’s College, he went on to complete his MBA (with specialisation in marketing) from IISWBM, Kolkata. All set to go to USA to pursue a PhD in marketing, one fine day a friend decided to take him to a television production company which was looking for new faces. It proved to be the turning point in his career. Director Amal Sarkar liked him immediately and decided to cast him. There has been no looking back. He decided that pursuing the arts would be his life’s work. His passion for life, though, has taken him around to doing various activities like teaching, writing, travelling, designing interiors for himself and friends, and getting deeply involved in social work. Through the years, a political consciousness too grew into him. Initially, along with acting, he worked in the corporate sector as a fund manager and later as a forex executive, putting his MBA to good use. He even rose to become the CEO of a company. But after a few years, acting became his sole passion.

Arindam has acted in over 10,000 episodes in various television serials and has played the protagonist in some of the most popular serials over the years, among which are Prabaha, Janani, Janmabhoomi, Jaya, Ekhane Akash Neel, Bhalobasha.com and Ishti Kutumb. Among his prominent film credits are Lathi, Khelaghar, Cancer, Netaji (Hindi), Chalo Let’s Go, Arekti Premer Golpo, Nobel Chor, Laptop and Aborto. As a film producer, he has been involved in, among others, The Bong Connection, Sukno Lanka, Kahaani, Nobel Chor and Aborto. He has also acted in many telefilms, playing difficult roles with elan.

Since November 2009, Arindam has been running a production company, Nothing Beyond Cinema (NBC). NBC is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment house which has been involved in producing youthful, fresh, crisp and clutter-breaking content through films, and fiction shows and reality shows for television. It has entered into a pact with Yash Raj Films to enable it to make its presence felt in the Hindi film industry. Arindam always dedicates his success to his teachers, to his family and to his upbringing. Residing very close to the boi para of Kolkata, College Street, his immense passion for books, music and cinema has informed his very own views and feelings about the arts. Formerly a believer in Leftist ideology, the remarkable development of the state under the new dispensation has convinced him that supporting, and being involved with, the Trinamool Congress is the best way forward for serving the state.

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Comments (2)
Anurup Reply
March 19, 2014
He has made the right choice. And Trinamool gains by having such a prominent face in the entertainment industry on its side.
Chanchal Reply
March 19, 2014
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