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New age biopsy detection tech in Kolkata

April 11, 2014

A new technology in town is going to be a boon for patients with gastroenterology and pulmonary problems. Cellvizio, the latest and one of the most advanced technologies, offers optical biopsy through the world’s smallest microscope. Used by doctors around the world, the technology has been launched at the Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals (AGH).

New technology Vs old

The traditional method is endoscopic imaging. Though endoscopy is vital in detecting a disease or condition deep inside the body, a microscopic view is not always possible. This technique suffers a setback when it comes to distinguishing between benign, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions unless viewed at a cellular level.

Cellvizio goes a step further. It is a flexible, fibre optic probe-based microscopic device. It magnifies tissues up to a thousand times enabling physicians an additional real time input about the tissue micro structure. The device generates optical biopsies with microscopic images instantaneously in the minimum invasive manner. It can be used to assess both digestive and pulmonary tracts.

Globally recognised technology

This globally accepted and popular technology is a probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy system that provides doctors and researchers high-resolution cellular views of tissues inside the body. This device allows detecting ailment fast and with greater accuracy thus, helping patients get better treatment.

Healthcare institutes in Kolkata are waking up to this bringing in new technologies, installing latest devices and roping in doctors trained abroad.

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