Poila Baisakh food

Poila Baisakh food

April 14, 2014

It's that time of the year again when Bengalis dress up in their traditional best and head out to
their favourite eating haunts to do what they like most – gorge on their favourite food. The
average Bengali seldom needs a reason to eat, drink and be merry, but it’s Poila Boisakh in a couple of days, so here’s a list of the Noboborsho hotspots.

WHEN I  April 12-15
MENU I  At Kalash, start with refreshingly cool Aampora Shorbot, accompanied by appetisers like Moroger Surua and Pora Tomator Surua. Then dig into Chingrir Bati Chorchori, Kochi Panthar Koshe Kasha, Bhapa Pabda, Bikrampurer Murgir Roast, Galda Chingrir Malaikari, Hansher Dak Bungalow. Finish with Baked Malai Diye Rosogolla, Kalakand Diye Payesh, Misti Doi, Patishapta and Shaktigarer Lyangcha.
POCKET PINCH I Rs 1,550 per person

WHEN I  April 11-20
MENU I  At Durbari, the Bengali Food Festival promises to be a roaring gastronomic affair with items like Mochar Chop and Mangshor Chop in starters and items like Aam Kashundi Bhindi, Kancha Lankar Tarkari, Bhapa Chingri, Kasha Mangsho and more. For those with a sweet
tooth, there's Nolengurer Ice-cream, Pithe and Chhanar Payesh. At Cafe Swiss, there's an extensive buffet spread featuring Narkel Murg Tikka and Begun Bhaja as starters, Shorshe Chingri, Shukto, Malai Chomchom and much more.
POCKET PINCH I Rs 2,000 plus taxes (Durbari); Rs 1,450 plus taxes per person for dinner and Rs 950 per person plus taxes for lunch at Cafe Swiss.

Aampora Shorbot

WHEN I  April 15
MENU I  At Waterside Cafe, a gala Bengali buffet spread on offer for lunch and dinner. Ring in the New Year with Topshe Bhaja and move on to Mochar Ghonto, Enchorer Dalna, Sukto and Potoler Dolma in the main course and Bati Chingri, Kasha Mangsho, Chicken Chaap, Mutton Biryani and live Murgi Roast. Move on to Nalen Gur Tiramisu, Rosogolla, Malai Chomchom, Tripti Sandesh, Kheer Kadam, Sitabhog, Chhanar Payesh, Kamala Bhog and Misti Doi and – if there's room for more – top it off with Monolova Malpua and Chhanar Jilebi.
POCKET PINCH I  Rs 2,000 (plus taxes) per person

WHEN I  April 15
MENU I  At Sonargaon, the concept is old Kolkata food of the 1900s. There are three menu options available: Zamindari Bhoj, Nawabi Amish and Nawabi Niramish. Zamindari Bhoj features Gandharaj Lebur Ghol, moves to Machher Cutlet, Deshi Dimer Devil, followed
by Chingri Malaikari, Sorshebata Royal, Gota Masala Diye Mangsho and Enchorer Dalna; dessert includes Rajbhog and Mishti Doi. Nawabi Amish starts with Dahi Sherbat, fol
lowed by Murg Nawabi Kebab, Sigri Ke Aloo, Gosht Anda Chaap, Machhli Ke Salan, Murg Gilli Biryani and Kathal Kalia, accompanied by Burani Raita. There's Elaichi Jamun and Phirni for dessert.
POCKET PINCH I  Zamindari Bhoj: Rs 2,400 (plus taxes) per person; Nawabi Amish: Rs 2,100 (plus taxes) per person; Nawabi Niramish: Rs 1,900 (plus taxes) per person

Potoler Dolma

WHEN I  April 11-19
MENU I  At the Eden Pavilion, the Bengali grand buffet begins with Daaber Jol and Aampora Shorbot, followed by Bengali specialities like Bori Diye Pabda Machher Jhal, Shorse Chingri, Kochi Panthar Jhol, Kadaishunti Moonger Dal, Aloo Phoolkopir Dalna and Doi Begun to name a few. At Peshawari, there are two platters to choose from: ‘Samudri Khazana’, the catch of the
day fresh from the Bay of Bengal, literally laid out on a platter, and ‘Subz Khazana’, an interesting platter of vegetarian kebabs. All platters will be accompanied by two pints of beer or two glasses of sparkling wine.
POCKET PINCH I  At Eden Pavilion, a meal accompanied by soft drinks is Rs 2,000 per person (plus taxes), and with unlimited premium alcohol, Rs 2,750 (plus taxes); at Peshawari, seafood platter is Rs 2,700 per person (plus taxes) and Rs 2,100 per person (plus taxes) for the vegetarian platter.

WHEN |  April 15
MENU I  Lunch buffet includes Prawn Kabiraji, Mangsher Cutlet, Pabda Machher Jhol, Bhetki Machher Paturi, Chingri Machher Malaikari, Kosha Mangsho, Doi Murgi, Shukto, Mutton Biryani, three varieties of chutney, Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, Gurer Sandesh, Malai Chomchom, Phirni and Ledikeni. The dinner spread includes Chicken Kabiraji, Prawn Cutlet, Chital Machher Peti, Ilish Macher Paturi, Narkol Chingri, Kasha Mangsho, Murgir Jhol, Kolkata Chicken Biryani and three types of chutney, and an assortment of Bengali sweets for dessert.
POCKET PINCH I  Rs 2,500 per person (taxes included)

Bhapa Chingri

WHEN I April 15
MENU I Alfresco, a 24-hour diner will open at the hotel on Poila Baisakh, offering world cuisine and signature dishes from Bengal. The menu of the day is themed 'Epar Bangla Theke Opar Bangla', celebrating the culinary delights from East and West Bengal. Start the gastronomy
trail with traditional welcome drinks (Aampora Shorbot/ Gandharaj Lebur Shorbot) and starters like Pneyaj Postor Bora or the savoury Murgir Patishapta. Move on to the main course with either Enchorer Kalia, Dhokar Dalna or Bati Chingri, Chitol Machher Muithya, Kochi Panthar Jhol and a Posto Murgi. Saada Bhaat, Pulao Ratna, Luchi and Thakurbarir Dal are also on offer. Round off the hearty feast with traditional Bengali desserts like Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Mishti Doi, Pulipithe and Chhanar Payesh.
POCKET PINCH I Rs 1,250 (plus tax) per person for lunch; Rs 1,500 (plus tax) per person for dinner.

WHEN I  April 11-20
MENU I  At Saffron, Kolkata's tram service is the theme for Poila Baisakh. Classic Bengali food from yesteryears make it to the platter, with dishes named after heritage tram routes and stops to ring in a sense of nostalgia. One can savour uncommon veg delicacies like Dumurer Kofta, Mankochu Bhaate and Shojne Shaag Bhaja as part of the Hatibagan platter or choose from the non-veg menu, the Chitpore platter, that comprises Ilish Ganga Jamuna, Lamba Begun Bhaja and Shojne Shaag Bhaja. Round off the meal with the choicest desserts like Payesh, Malpoa, Kancha Peper Mishti and Ledikeni.
POCKET PINCH I Rs 1,900 (plus tax) for non-veg platter, and Rs 1,400 (plus tax) for veg platter

Enchorer Dalna

WHEN I  April 12-15
MENU I  The maiden Poila Boisakh spread at the newly opened business hotel starts with Mishti Kumrophool Bhaji, Begoon-Doi Bharta, Potol Bharta, Sheem Bharta, Enchor Doi, Maankochur Malaikari, Potoler Dolma, Osman-er Shak-Dal, followed by Shol Machher Bharta, Machher Makha Salon, Rui Murighonto, Chingri Bharta, Chingri Chita Bhaji, Paanchphoron Murgi, Chicken Kofta, Murgi-r Roast, Shorse Mangsho, Mangsho Dal Yakni and Bhuna Khichuri. Dessert is both innovative and traditional with Lau Payesh, Patishapta Pitha, Gokul Pitha and Khirtosh Pitha.
POCKET PINCH I  Rs 1,250 plus taxes per person

WHEN I  April 15
MENU I  Start off with Aam-Pudina Shorbot and move on to Shobji Pulao, Moong-Musoor Dal, Pur-bhora Potol Posto, Kosha Aloor Dom, Bhetki Machher Roll, Pomfret Machher Paturi, Murgir Kebab Nosi and Dhakai Dum Mangsho, among others.
POCKET PINCH I Rs 900 (plus taxes) per person for both lunch and dinner

Aloo Phoolkopir Dalna

WHEN I  April 15
MENU I  The Noboborsher Bhuri Bhoj features both a la carte items as well as thali options featuring Chingrir Malaikari, Kankrar Jhaal, Shorshe Machh and a salad buffet for the calorie-conscious.
POCKET PINCH I  Thali options start from Rs 999 (plus taxes) per person

WHEN I  April 15
MENU I  Get spoilt for choice with a special lunch menu that includes Chitol Machher Muithya, Topshe Fry, Mocha Chingrir Sheekh Kebab, Murgi Bhaja, Ada Lebu Bhapa Machh and Tormujer Murgi. There might even be a surprise Hilsa dish at the buffet table.
POCKET PINCH I  Rs 826 (taxes included) per person

Kosha Mangsho

WHEN I  April 11-15
MENU I  Among the lip-smacking dishes on offer at K19, the restaurant, are Benfish, which is a continental-style fish roll, Tangra-style Konjee Veg, Basanti Pulao, Dal Sultani, Aloo Posto, Lau Bori Ghonto, Parshe Machher Jhaal. For dinner, there's Dolon Moghlai Paratha made from fish, Kaju Pulao, Saath Dal Ki Sangam, made from seven kinds of lentils, Mahlak noodles
and Shorshe Diye Machher Jhal.
POCKET PINCH I  Rs 1,000 (plus taxes) per person

WHEN I  April 15
MENU I  Master chef Joy Banerjee says, among the dishes he'll whip up are Brocolli Babycom with green mango and cheese, Cheese-stuffed Mushroom Cups with radhuni-enriched curry sauce, bacon-baked telapia with ginger and fennel, jumbo prawns stuffed with chilli pickle and cheese, Mutton Vindaloo Calcutta style, Spicy Pork Curry and paanchphoron-flavoured parshe.
POCKET PINCH I  Around Rs 11,500 plus taxes (a la carte)

Mutton Vindaloo

WHEN I  April 12-17
MENU I  Kolkata's most celebrated tea shop and patisserie will toast Poila Boisakh with Shorshe Macher Paturi Puff, Kochi Panthar Mangsher Puff, Rajbarir Kosha Murgir Croissant, Mochar Choper Puff Roll, Aam Payesh Conde, Labangalatika Strudel, Sitabhog Pie, Pantua and Vanilla Bavarois, Mishti Doi Cheesecake and Mihidana Gateaux.
POCKET PINCH I  Savouries and desserts are priced between Rs 50 and Rs 85; cakes cost Rs 650 per pound.

Vanilla Bavarois

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