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Tagore for every occasion

May 9, 2014

The avid Tagore enthusiast will tell you that there's a Tagore song for every occasion. Well, probably not for every occasion, but an overall essence of the songs or some of their verses can be relatable.The Kobi Guru was deeply influenced by monsoon. Songs such as “Nishitho Raater Badol Dhara” and “Aaji Jhoro Jhoro Mukhoro Bador Din-e” alongside others have in turn inspired other notable pieces of art and art lovers. And retreating to songs as such while watching the rain with a steaming cup of tea [or coffee], can bring you a peace of mind. So believes Rasimul Alam, a Bangladeshi student abroad, who associates emotions stirred by the smell of wet earth to Tagore's monsoon songs. In fact every time it rains, we see many Facebook statuses quoting his songs.

A similar notion is true for a moonlit, breezy night. Rabindra Sangeet like “ChaaNder Hashir Baadh Bhengeche” does justice to the all-engulfing beauty of a flooding moonlight, while “Aaj Jochhna Raate Shobai Gechhe Bon-e” makes you want to cherish the sight of the full moon, albeit the crowded skyline of Dhaka.

There are several masterpieces inspired by other seasons as well. Be it welcoming the Bangla New Year/ summer (“Esho Hey Boishakh” or “Esho Shyamolo Shundoro”) or winter (“Poush Toder Daak Diyechhe”), there is indeed something for each season. Bengali seasonal festivals seem incomplete without Rabindra Sangeet.

But how does his music relate to all spheres of a 21st century Bangladeshi youth?

In football: After getting substituted off a football match, you can dedicate the song “Tomar Holo Shuru, Amar Holo Shara” to your sub, a song that motivates them to strive.

Rejection on Facebook: After having your friend request rejected by that person you've had a long time crush on, console yourself by “Shei Bhalo, Amare Nahoy Na Jano”. After all, it's their loss they won't get to know you.

Locked out of home:
When it's past your curfew time and you've been locked out by your parents, “Kholo Kholo Daar” may serve as an appropriate plea.

When nobody wants to join the gym with you: A good way to motivate yourself in such cases is to listen to “Ekla Cholo Re”, and taking it literally. This timeless, powerful song -- and many others like it -- sends out a message to everyone to work hard towards one's goals, to keep pushing our limits even when there's nobody backing us up.

When you feel patriotic:
Recent times have seen a surge of patriotism. Songs like “O Amar Desher Mati” have the ability to render us speechless, and feeling more proud of our turf. Similarly, as our generation becomes more vocal about equality and rights, the verses of “Amra Shobai Raja” encourages us by vesting the governed with the same power as their government. 

When the WiFi doesn't connect: Ok I got nothing for this.

Matters of the heart are timeless. From falling madly in love (“Bhalobashi, Bhalobashi”) to words that remain unsaid (“Mon-e Ki Dwidha Rekhe Gele”) to the one who remains out of sight but not out of mind (“Nayan Tomare Paye Na Dekhite”), tender moments get apt expressions through Tagore's lyrics. We find tranquillity in his words and tunes amidst the bedlam of life. His songs teach us important values. Rabindranath Tagore and Bengali-ness remain inseparable.

With credits to: Armaan Khan, The Daily Star

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