Kolkata Police – Reaching out for a ‘faster, safer, friendlier’ Kolkata

Kolkata Police – Reaching out for a ‘faster, safer, friendlier’ Kolkata

July 17, 2014

In this age of social media, Kolkata Traffic Police (KTP) isn’t left behind too. In September 2010, KTP joined the Facebook bandwagon by creating its own page. In these almost four years, the page has become very popular, with more than 55,000 ‘likes’ till now. Through Facebook, KTP has largely been successful in projecting to the people the good work that it does. 

No longer do people always have to dial up the traffic police to lodge complaints. It can be easily done by posting the complaint on KTP’s Facebook page. Even pictures can be uploaded along with the complaint, for example, a picture of the registration number of a taxi unwilling to travel to a particular place. And it’s good to see that the actions taken have mostly been prompt, within a few days. Whatever action is taken is also informed through Facebook posts. Regular updates are posted regarding any sort of traffic disruption. Traffic updates, roads to avoid due to processions, demonstrations, etc., waterlogging updates, and other types of helpful posts are put up regularly.

Facebook Friends' Forum

To make its bond developed with the citizens of Kolkata through Facebook better, KTP conceived of something called Facebook Friends' Forum. It is forum for a frank, no-holds-barred face-to-face interaction between concerned citizens and senior officials of Kolkata Traffic Police department. Over the last two years, starting from June 2014, three such sessions have been organised. The forum participants have ranged from IT executives and entrepreneurs to school students. The interactions have been highly successful as well, with ideas coming in thick and fast to improve the various aspects of the traffic management system, and various issues being thrashed out. KTP has also been prompt in implementing many of the ideas and requests that came up as a result of the sessions. The first interactive session had around 100 citizens; this increased to around 150 over the next few sessions. This was indeed a very positive sign for KTP. The sessions are held at the Kolkata Police headquarters at Lalbazar.

The fourth session of Facebook Friends' Forum is scheduled to be held on August 2 at 3:30 pm. Since sparing time on weekdays is difficult for many, the interaction, like on the last three occasions, has been scheduled for a Saturday. Willing participants can share their address, phone numbers or e-mail addresses, latest within July 19, on the Facebook page of KTP or through personal Facebook messages so that official invitations can be sent out. Since a maximum of 100 can be accommodated, priority will to be given to those who confirm their participation early. It has also requested to mention one’s mode of conveyance so that KTP can make the necessary parking arrangements.

For any further queries, one may post on KTP’s Facebook page or contact any of the following persons:
Insp. Tridip Datta, at 9830449956 or at octcc@kolkatatrafficpolice.gov.in
Insp. Nilesh Choudhury, at 9830244145 or at nilesh1304@gmail.com
Sgt. Sudipto Mukherjee, at 9836863377 or at sudipto.pri@gmail.com
Sgt. Indrajit Dutta, at 9830052765 or at indrajitdutta@live.in

The support of the citizens, according to KTP, is its principal source of sustenance and so with these kinds of interactions it is hoped that everyone can work together for a ‘faster, safer, friendlier’ Kolkata.

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Subho Reply
July 17, 2014
This is indeed a noble initiative by the traffic police
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