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Puja shopping just a click away

September 18, 2014

With the festival of Durga Puja knocking at the doorstep, there’s nothing more blissful for the ‘digital keedas’ than to pick up their puja ensembles online and hassle-free. With the festive fervour, packed shopping plazas, malls, streets and pavements become everyday sights for the shopaholics. Just as you thought the celebratory shopping experience would bring back cheerfulness and contentment to your mundane life, you’re jolted back into reality with an elbow nudging by a  buyer bargaining at the same hawker as you.

Well, you can leave behind those nightmares now, since it’s the era of chicest choices being just a click away. The millennial as well as many from earlier generations are all equally smitten by the ease and beauty of what is known as ‘online shopping’. Hordes of teens, twenty somethings and a whole lot of elderly people are all gradually turning up to be loyal customers of e-commerce. 

So what is it that gives e-shopping an edge over brick-and-mortar this Puja?

  1. Avoiding the rush – An overtly fervent crowd, scuttling from store to store for that perfect buy, the waiting time at the often crowded stores and the maddening rush all around – that’s a clip of the traditional Puja shopping fever for you. How simple life seems when all you need to do is log in to a website, browse through, choose, click and pay. And there, your Puja gift to yourself or for a dear one arrives right at your doorstep. Doesn’t sound like much effort? Because it isn’t.
  2. Convenience – There is no need to get up, get dressed or drive to the store. The store is right there on a screen in front of you, attractively displaying all your traditional favourites. Yes shopping in your pajamas for the Pujas makes the experience more happy for Gen-Y.
  3. No long queues - There is no need to queue up to pay your bills. Also, you don’t have to jostle about to reach the next section of the store.
  4. Variety – A wide array of products, including Puja favourites, all on one website, is indeed a smart move by e-commerce portals. Imagine choosing all your favourite brands without browsing all over the internet, that too without having to move an inch.
  5. Offers and better prices for festivals – With the growing presence and popularity of  brands online, buyers have an advantage of getting more competitive prices from the e-commerce websites, more so for special occasions like Durga Puja. The lack of need for companies to invest in stores makes them able to sell at lower prices, making it a win-win situation for all – the buyers, by getting better discounts, the companies, by being able to reach a much wider customer base, and the e-commerce websites, by selling so many brands, and thus getting more commissions from sellers, and advertising revenues for their sites.
  6. Sending gifts – E-commerce websites make it convenient to send gifts to your loved ones. You just need to pay and key in the address of the person you want to gift to, and the rest is taken care of by the websites. This saves you the running around, making life easier manifold. With Puja being a time of expressing love with gifts to your extended family, such portals make the hectic season of the festival less cumbersome.
  7. Avoiding parking hassles – No waiting for your turn at long parking lines, and no huge parking fees. During the festival season parking rates are hiked twice as much as they actually are, to compensate for what is known as ‘Puja bakshish’ in Bengal. By buying online, not only do you end up saving all this parking money but also spare the arguments and hassles which accompany the task of parking your vehicle.

So make your Puja shopping experience literally a no-sweat affair, with loads of discounts just a few clicks away.

Check out below some of the best options this year for your online Durga Puja shopping spree:

Written by Ankita Bose for Team M3.tv

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