Another New Year of joy

Another New Year of joy

January 1, 2015

Park Street, the city’s very own fun street, sprung to life yet again a week after it had been swarmed by revellers on Christmas, ushering in the New Year with customary fanfare. Thousands walked down the pavements, making merry and soaking in the festive spirit. The crowd started building up much before, in the evening. As the hours passed by, revelry picked up, reaching a climax at the stroke of the midnight hour.

It seemed as if the whole of Kolkata had descended on Park Street on New Year's eve. Revellers kept spilling on to the roads despite the barricades that had been put up on either side. As the crowd thickened, traffic movement slowed down as well. The restaurants, however, were happy with the turnout as footfall remained high throughout the evening. Long queues were seen outside restaurants till well past midnight.

Security arrangements were at their peak. The restaurants, too, made their own security arrangements. Most used more CCTV cameras and bouncers than previous years.

On New Year's eve, the crowd was just great. Since there was no restriction on the entry of vehicles, all could drive in. Some had to walk a few yards through the crowd, but since the security arrangements were tight, none faced any inconvenience.

Most restaurants remained open till 1 am though they had the permission to allow visitors till 2 in the morning. Many felt the disciplined festivities on Park Street proved that they should have been allowed to remain open till 4 am, keeping parity with star hotels and their nightclubs that were given the nod.

Revellers had a field day, though. Thousands streamed in from all corners of the city and beyond. Wearing their party gears, they filed along the flanks of the road relentlessly. As per police estimates, the crowd was smaller than the Christmas turnout when the road had been shut for traffic. “It was expected since the pavements are narrow and many prefer to avoid Park Street on the 31st night. But the crowd swelled towards the night,” said a police officer.

People enjoyed different cuisines as well as various forms of celebrations, be it at clubs, pubs, restaurants or house parties. 

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year from Team

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