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Bengal to become more tourist-friendly

November 12, 2013

West Bengal Tourism is a good option because of the diversity in its flora and fauna. The state attracts many tourists from all corners of the world every year. The exclusive natural beauty that the state is blessed with makes it a favourite area for the tourist.

Due to the increasing number of visitors that the state is receiving every year the West Bengal Government is also taking interest in developing the Tourism Industry here. And among the initiatives taken by the government in recent times, most are directed towards making the stay of visitors pleasant in the state.

Helpline for tourists soon

The state Tourism Department will launch a toll free number to lodge tourists' grievances regarding mismanagement of government-run tourist lodges, breach of contract by any tour or transport operators and several other issues.

The State Tourism Department would seek help from BPOs and call centres for the purpose.

All tour operators and tourist car operators have to enlist their names with the state Tourism Department so that police or local administration can easily identify them if any complaint is lodged against them. Tourists transport operators have to put the toll free number on their cars so tourists can easily see the number.

"I received a complaint recently by some tourists from Kashmir against a tour operator for breach of contract and misbehaviour. We want tourists to easily lodge their complaints against such misconduct," said the State Tourism Minister Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury during a presser.

The toll free number would also help collect information regarding the location of hotels, toilets, and health centres near tourist spots. The number would be launched soon after the deal with a call centre is finalised.

Mr. Chowdhury said he received a complaint that several employees of government-run tourists’ lodges did not provide proper services. The helpline will help the tourists lodge their complaints, he said.

Training on the cards

Atithidevo Bhava  –  which loosely translates to ‘guest is equivalent to God’ – is the mantra that the Tourism department wants to inculcate among workers. To further this cause, the government has decided to conduct etiquette training programmes for all staff at various government tourist lodges across the state. From salutations to training on maintaining cleanliness, the training will instil the spirit of service among the workers. The government is also planning to outsource the housekeeping work to private players.

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Comments (3)
Saikat Reply
November 12, 2013
Proper hospitality should be provided to tourists
Amitabha Reply
November 12, 2013
Very good initiative. My best wishes.
Shinjan Pal Reply
November 12, 2013
The toll-free no. would be very useful indeed.
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