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Mishti Mela in Bengal

November 14, 2013

Mela or fair is an integral part of Bengal’s cultural calendar, specially during the winter months. Melas provide a venue for different people to assemble in the spirit of festivities; people from across the state, and even tourists from outside, immerse themselves in the essence of the ongoing revelry. Be it the annual book fair or the extremely popular handicrafts fair, crowds throng at the venues, only to be a part of the cultural melee.

Make way for some sweet tooth

What if you are given the opportunity to choose and gorge on all your favourite sweets of Bengal at one big venue? That would definitely send your sweet tooth into an overdrive. To make this dream come true, the Tourism department of the state government is planning to organize a fair only for sweet-lovers. The first of its kind Mishti Mela promises to be heaven for those who love their rosogolla at the end of every meal.

The proposed Mishti Mela will be held at Milan Mela ground in Kolkata, and also across all districts. “Sweets can be a major attraction; they’re a pillar of strength for our state. We’ve decided to explore the possibility to attract foreign tourists,” said tourism minister Krishnendu Choudhury. The minister is also planning to display a list of all sweet makers and their contact numbers at government guest houses. The mela will also provide information about the well-known sweets at any particular district, and where they can be found.

Branding for Bengali sweets

Shaktigarh’s lyangcha, Bardhaman’s sita-bhog mihidana, Joynagarer moya, Garbeta’s balusahi, Krishnanagar’s sorpuria, Malda’s rasokadambo, Berhampore’s chanabora are some popular desserts in Bengal. Every district can now showcase their best, under one roof at the grand celebration of sweets from Bengal.

Nolen gur sweets are available only during winter. Nolen gur is jaggery made from date palm. Joynagarer moya which is all set to be patented, is also made from nolen gur.

Other Bengali sweets that would be featured in the Mishti Mela are rosogolla, malpowa, cham cham, khirer payesh, nolen gurer sandesh, rasmalai, pantua, khir kadam, kanchagolla and several others.

This will be a great opportunity to promote sweets of Bengal among the people of India and around the world as they will be found in one location. So keep your sweet tooth ready this winter season for the sweet fair.

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Comments (2)
Amartya Reply
November 14, 2013
Winter is the time of fairs. This is a rather tasteful addition!
Rinku Reply
November 14, 2013
Am just waiting for the fair to begin to gobble up all the wonderful sweets.
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