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‘Medicinal’ textiles arrive in Kolkata

November 22, 2013

Medicinal clothing — yes, you read that right — will now be available in Kolkata with the Unesco-endorsed Auroville choosing the city of Shri Aurobindo's birth to launch its complete range of eco-friendly products.

About Auroville’s medicinal clothing

Auroville — an experimental township started by The Mother in 1968 as the 'living embodiment of an actual Human Unity' — is run by a foundation through an act of Parliament. It is the first time that Auroville is taking its products outside Tamil Nadu in such an exclusive manner.

Auroville has thousands of acres under organic cotton cultivation and uses natural dyes — made from indigo, herbs, minerals, and fruits, flowers and leaves — to make its clothing line.

What is more interesting is the infusion of healing herbs like neem and tulsi and red sandalwood to create medicinal clothing and bedcovers. These items of clothing are perfect for people with any kind of allergic tendencies. They act like a protective suit in the highly polluted urban environment. And they also have a soothing effect on the mind and body.

From Pondicherry to Kolkata

When asked why they chose Kolkata, a spokesperson of Auroville trust told a national daily: "Where else but a city with such a rich history and a huge community of Aurobindo devotees? The people of Bengal are known to be connoisseurs of art and craft."

More than the products, its Auroville's philosophy of universal humanity that is reaching a wider audience, said Ranjan Mitter, trustee of the Shri Aurobindo Trust in Kolkata. People from 47 nations now live and work in Auroville, whose foundation has soil from 128 countries. Hundreds of small-scale industries thrive there, making world-class products that complement the environment rather than take from it. "It's a mould of how humanity should live," said Mitter.

One of the most unique experiments is crafting musical instruments out of seeds, wood and stones. The locals explore their ingenuity to create instruments that have no precedence. These, too, will be available at the Aurobindo Seva Trust near Tollygunge from now on.

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Comments (3)
Arshad Ahmed Reply
November 22, 2013
Anti-allergic bedsheets would be useful for many people... great indigenous innovation from India.
Sankha Reply
November 22, 2013
This is truly innovative... kudos to Auroville for launching these in Kolkata, the first time outside TN.
Saikat Reply
November 22, 2013
This is interesting!!
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