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My Sweet Store: Your online store for sweets

September 24, 2014

They have landed with exactly what was needed: sweets from Bengal, just a click away.

As aptly put by the founders, “We are foodies. We are friends of foodies, especially those who love to indulge their sweet tooth but may not always find what they are looking for.”

A start-up in every sense, My Sweet Store (www.mysweetstore.in) is the first of its kind – making scrumptious Bengali sweets (exclusively) available at your doorstep at the click of a mouse.

According to the founders, during their research towards establishing the venture, they had never met anyone who was not fond of Bengali sweets or mishti doi. Also, there were no online shops selling traditional Bengali sweets. These factors combined to convince them to open an online Bengali sweet shop. Not stopping here though, they are ambitious to spread this venture further soon.

“This is just a start, and we would like to include every amazing sweet sold in India. Just like that some day this site will have ghewar, petha, pera, mysore pak, Motichur ke laddu,” says one of the founders. 

Fusion sandesh assorted pack: (L) Nakur’s (R) Balaram’s

The team members have been friends since engineering college days and, after ambitious careers at power houses like ICICI Bank, PwC and TCS, have decided to step into the realm of entrepreneurship.

“Like all ambitious people we did our MBA and went to IIM and Cambridge University... worked for big corporates... then decided to set out on our own. This is our first step” - quoted the duo.

Mishti doi

With the growing trend of having everything delivered to one’s doorstep, why should the ‘mishti’ business be left behind? The founders have involved three renowned sweet- makers of Kolkata, Nakur, Balaram and Mithai to procure the sweets.The three confectioners are among the best Bengali sweet makers, so good that they are said to create magic. Thus the online sweet store trusts only the best in the industry to outsource its mishti from.

My Sweet Store delectable ranging from Rs 299 to Rs 1,350 for respective sweets as per customers’ orders are carefully handpicked and delivered with love, affection and sugariness.

Baked rosogolla

Known for its ‘fresh or free’ offer and pan-India delivery, the modest e-commerce website is picking popularity amongst mishti lovers. Be it to satiate one’s own sweet tooth or to gift that beloved one in a distant place, My Sweet Store caters to all needs ‘sweet’.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of rosogolla, sandesh and mishti doi it delivers. Its services extend to gift packs (there are eight types of packs, as of now) and special combination packs (each with two types of sweets) as well.

So go ahead and give the latest shop a try. There’s nothing you won’t find ‘sweet’ about this store., After all it’s just a click away too.

Mango sandesh

 Nakur (Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy)

In 1844, a father and son-in law duo – Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy, started this shop. Still situated at its original location on Ramdulal Sarkar Street near Hatibagan, the shop retains the old-world feel and the amazing taste of its concoctions. Its sandeshes are so good that during Kolkata Knight Riders’ IPL championship-winning celebration this year, a special sandesh cake was ordered. Our favourite is the monohora – true to its name, capable of stealing your heart, with a layer of jaggery or mango pulp, depending on the season. Currently the place is run by the fifth generation, Nakur is popular for its using the best ingredients, its hygiene and the warmth of the place.

Radharaman Mullick and Balaram Mullick

Creating mishti magic since 1885, the shop was started by Ganesh Chandra Mullick who came to Kolkata from Konnagar and took up a job as an artisan. But being an entrepreneurial person, he decided to start a sweet shop in the then sparsely populated area of Bhowanipore. The shop became established quickly and found numerous highly-impressed customers. With the passage of time, Balaram’s has become a throbbing venture of five generations.    


This is another famous sweet shops of Kolkata, of a much later vintage than the above two, though. It was started in 1955 by four brothers – Debendra Kumar Ghosh, Amarendra Kumar Ghosh, the late Dhirendra Kumar Ghosh and Sachindra Kumar Ghosh. Among other things, it is famous for its mishit doi, which is white in colour unlike the others, and has a hint of sourness, and seasonal sweets like aam sandesh. Mithai never uses any additional colouring for its sweets except saffron.

Chocolate sandesh combo pack

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