Top tips to ace nursery admission interview

Top tips to ace nursery admission interview

December 30, 2015

From choosing the perfect school to ensuring that their child clears the interview, many young, anxious parents, especially in the big cities, every year face a trying time during nursery admissions. If you too are among those losing sleep over it, carry on reading, as listed below are some easy tips to help you and your child ace the interview process.

PLAN EARLY: As your child reaches the age of two, get him/her admitted to a pres-nursery school as many prominent schools don’t entertain nursery admissions due to lack of seats. Transitioning from pre-nursery to nursery would be easier.

PREPARE YOUR WARD: Taking the first point further, it is advisable to brush up your child's knowledge of the outside world well in time. Don’t force your kid to mug up things at the last minute as kids rarely learn under stress.

PREPARE YOURSELF: There are some schools that have a rich history or strong philosophical foundation. It is a must for both the parents to acquaint themselves with the school’s principles. Moreover, prepare the required documents before the admission process and do not wait for the last date to apply.

APPLY TO MORE THAN ONE SCHOOL: You may have chosen the ideal school for your kid but it’s a good idea to apply in as many schools as possible, especially those in the vicinity of your home. It is better to get your ward migrated to another school later than to make him/her sit at home for a year.

MEET OTHER PARENTS: Be it friends, friends of friends or family, don’t hesitate to interact with couples who have gone through the drill. Research the questions they faced in the parent-teacher interaction. Prepare a questionnaire and invite them over for tea or lunch. Remember they are the ones doing you a favour.

GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP: On the day before the interview, take your child out; be it to an amusement park or a playground or just letting him/her watch cartoons, the idea is to let the child do what he/she enjoys. But going to bed early is most important for a good night’s sleep. If required, make your family sleep early as well.

DRESS SMART: A semi-formal attire for the parents and clean, colourful clothes for the child is what is best. While the parents must look sharp and smart, the child’s colourful outfit will make him/her stand out from others.

CHECK YOUR RIDE: If you plan to take your own vehicle, make sure that the fuel tank is topped up and the tyres are inflated, especially the spare wheel in case of a puncture. Don’t let an unnecessary stop at the fuel station make you late. Additionally, know the route to the school and factor in an additional 15 minutes in case you face a traffic jam or don’t find a parking spot.

PACK A CHANGE: Carry a pair of extra clothes, some snacks and water with you to the interview because you don’t know how long will it take for the whole process to end. A cranky child will leave a negative impression on the interviewer.

REMAIN CALM: Lastly, don’t fret if your child doesn’t get through to the school of your choice and more importantly, never scold him/her for not clearing the interview process. It will only make your ward more nervous in future interviews.
So best of luck, parents!

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